Poem – “Desperate and Lonely” – Grief

As my arms extend outwards,
To reach for what I had lost,
There’s only the air,
And only a strand of hair,
To embrace,
I have touched the edge of a bed.

I have made my home a nest,
Of emptiness.
I have become one with
Loneliness and grief.
It is because of an agony,
One with so much melody,
Within her gruesome cries,
To my eyes.

And outwards, my arms grope,
For the burning rope,

Where she once hung,
As if executed,
Upon wooden gallows.
For the world to see, and to bury me,
Beneath a tide of grief.
Oh, love! Have you gone away from me?

The feeling of its infinity,
Mocks the place of my belonging.

There, too, is our destiny,
Where wishes surface in a pool of blood,
In a heart so burdened by memory.

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