Quote – “A Fundamental Difference between Love & Hatred” – 5/11/2022

“A difference resides between love and hatred, in that this former state of being feels everything of another person, whereas this latter one feels everything oneself feels. Love feels all of another’s emotions. Hatred feels only what oneself has been feeling. This has been due to genuine hate coming from love. Hatred has always been a negative twist upon love, usually due to betrayal. Upon betrayal, a physical dislocation of another person from oneself causes pain to be personal. Though only personal, since while hatred morphed from love, a betrayed individual can only feel what has been removed.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Anger is Important for Honesty” – 2/11/2022

“A calmness directed at a listener in a so-called honest fashion is not at all meaning to speak truth. Calmness holds back, because the speaker believes there are other times to let the remainders out. The patience that calmness depicts is not for the sake of being honest. It is for the sake of having nothing to say. When we are tired from being hurt or hurt because we are tired of waiting to speak, then no eruption should shock us into an apology. Let the tears flow from both speaker and listener. It is what the listener needed to hear. It is what the speaker needed to admit.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Death is Inherently Meaningless” – 1/12/2022

“How does a person understand meaning? By remembering it. If we remember death, we are recalling an absence. At the same time, we are recalling the pain that defines the absence. We remember love, though become deluded at the thought that it, too, has died. Love does not die, though life does. Love does not have a heartbeat to stop, because it is always moving without such limitations. The proper comprehension of meaning is in knowing what still exists, to ourselves. A meaning that cannot die is one being loved, without the limitation of life. What meaning does life have? None, if no life is ever loved. Death cannot hold meaning when we could never love what never lived, to begin with.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Children should not Engage in World Conflict” – 10/12/2021

“What would the child fix? What would the child stop? There is no future generation that could halt the cycles that are unstoppable. The child should not hold the responsibilities of the adult. If the parent to their child should allow them to fix what the adult has ruined, then the upbringing is wrong. If the parent waves farewell to their child who enters war, their guilt must be apparent to their generation that might end that child’s life. Bearing the burden of children, as adults who possess the maturity as expected of an adult, is so that this future generation will not swear themselves to continue with that inherited heavy load.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love Quote – “Love is Both Cure and Sickness” – 9/28/2021

“Love prevents. It is the embrace that protects. Therefore, it acts as the vaccine, with the same properties of an illness, such as a virus, being used for the supposed cure. Love is that, being an illness that prevents illness. It cures, though our heart yearns to the lover that makes us further ill with it. When we are loved, we are sick with itself in our system. However, we are also protected by it. Who longs to be ill? Who longs to be prevented of illness? Who longs to die out from what we yearned for, as it perhaps had ended up as a true illness, a betrayal of its protection?”

– Modern Romanticism

Love Quote – “Why those in Love are Seen as Fools” – 8/10/2021

“Love cannot be questioned by anyone in love. Those in love would limit the other, through a question. However, among those in observance of love, a thousand inquiries attempt to topple and dismember its stance. It is because only those in observance of lovers will find them foolish, in whatever irrational decision, that was not a decision, has been made. Among those in love, the decisions, that were not at all decisions, were felt as right to do.”

– Modern Romanticism

Excerpt – “As Love is more Logical than Science” – 7/13/2021

In love displaying no function, makes among emotions the manipulative assets or resources that a business world would hold for advantageous gain. Material gain, that is, since among function there are the manipulated emotions that reveal their short-term use. What is most useful is also considered the most logical, though within the short-term. Comprehensive of this, makes then of the short-term logic as illogical for the long-term. It is then to understand that love, through its non-functional nor utilitarian nature, cannot be considered for short-term logic. Regarding love in its eternal essence, makes it logical within the long-term.

– A Two-Step Sequence to Problem-Solving: From Delicate Heart to Resourceful Mind

Philosophy Series – “Of Love” – Pt. 1 – 7/1/2021

“Love is the wind at one’s back, comparing it more to truth than a deception, by its inherent nature. It would guide through example, and would not force one to do for the self, when the self is not yet understood.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love is the origin. It defines the evolution of all species. Whereas, it is love’s truest opposite, being fear, that keeps one ignorant to truth. Love is the wind at one’s back, though when lost, there is none. When lost, there is no wind, or for there to be some, it would not matter without direction.

For truth’s sake, it is known. It is known, and then, it is given to the mind’s eye. The mind looks back, as the physical eyes look forward. If we are trusting to truth, then love will remember what has been seen. Our memories are where love dwells. Love is a force to our memories, unquestionable unless we are held back through fear. Through fear, there is degeneracy. There is no truth in a world with distrusting generations.

A wisdom that states “do not trust” translates to “ignore all others, except yourself” or “remain ignorant” or “keep yourself limited to knowing yourself”. What is ignored, at most times, about truth is that the self is is much comparable to another.

We are the same as another. More the same, than different.

Love guides, when there is direction, when there is courage, when there is strength to brave the fear that keeps a person lost. Since it is much of the time a person is lost to themselves, when holding upon this vain pride that such is the only worthy truth. This is deception. To believe in the value of difference among humans, is to encourage preference by way of overwhelming distrust. It is to encourage ignorance and closed-mindedness. It is to encourage the prejudice for which distrust allots itself to, in that believing one person is good over another is comparing them to restaurant cuisine.

Are human beings just convenient or inconvenient, such as with food or a cell-phone? Or, are we needed? We are, for that is love, the origin that guides another to knowing where they can be found. If it is ever the case that a person, stranded at sea, can live forever in such conditions, then love has no power over anything. From the lack of proper nutrition, to the infinite loneliness, to the hallucinations being suffered while stranded at sea, there is here the understanding that a person can be surrounded by water that shows their reflection, though knows nothing.

Apart from ignorance and fear, humans are knowledgeable and strong through love.

Quote – “Why Society is not at Fault” – 6/30/2021

“If to society we claim there is oppression, then we fail to recognize that not just to society, though to personal choice, are such issues apparent. From the claim of societal oppression, those voices become the oppressors. In controlling choice, there is who and what is deemed to be inherently correct or incorrect. However, since it is society for which we have developed, then to its people they must only be personally, not equally, responsible. If a man weeps, then it was only right to do. If a man does not weep, then it was his choice to not do so. To blame society for a man to never weep, is to become the oppressor to a freedom for choice that otherwise creates and recreates the apparent flaws for humanity’s understanding. If we are understanding to how humanity is flawed, then it is never society that is the issue, though ourselves.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love Quote – “The Need to Believe in Love” – 6/27/2021

“As for evidence, the Atheist will not believe in what should require material proof, since it could not be presented. And yet, who protects or loves the material? Material substance is created for its consumption, and never to the motive to protect what should not disappear. Believing in love, or a truth as this, is same to never avoid it. Believing in love is same to never avoid another, to not steer from the oneness of truth. Such truth, being denied, becomes the favor for addiction. Such truth, being denied, becomes the favor for deception. Truth cannot be a multiple, because in a person’s avoidance to it, their attraction becomes then to what is a mere convenience. Such truth will remain as a belief, as a faith, because its opposite is to be deceived.”

– Modern Romanticism