Philosophy Series – “Of Love” – Pt. 1 – 7/1/2021

“Love is the wind at one’s back, comparing it more to truth than a deception, by its inherent nature. It would guide through example, and would not force one to do for the self, when the self is not yet understood.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love is the origin. It defines the evolution of all species. Whereas, it is love’s truest opposite, being fear, that keeps one ignorant to truth. Love is the wind at one’s back, though when lost, there is none. When lost, there is no wind, or for there to be some, it would not matter without direction.

For truth’s sake, it is known. It is known, and then, it is given to the mind’s eye. The mind looks back, as the physical eyes look forward. If we are trusting to truth, then love will remember what has been seen. Our memories are where love dwells. Love is a force to our memories, unquestionable unless we are held back through fear. Through fear, there is degeneracy. There is no truth in a world with distrusting generations.

A wisdom that states “do not trust” translates to “ignore all others, except yourself” or “remain ignorant” or “keep yourself limited to knowing yourself”. What is ignored, at most times, about truth is that the self is is much comparable to another.

We are the same as another. More the same, than different.

Love guides, when there is direction, when there is courage, when there is strength to brave the fear that keeps a person lost. Since it is much of the time a person is lost to themselves, when holding upon this vain pride that such is the only worthy truth. This is deception. To believe in the value of difference among humans, is to encourage preference by way of overwhelming distrust. It is to encourage ignorance and closed-mindedness. It is to encourage the prejudice for which distrust allots itself to, in that believing one person is good over another is comparing them to restaurant cuisine.

Are human beings just convenient or inconvenient, such as with food or a cell-phone? Or, are we needed? We are, for that is love, the origin that guides another to knowing where they can be found. If it is ever the case that a person, stranded at sea, can live forever in such conditions, then love has no power over anything. From the lack of proper nutrition, to the infinite loneliness, to the hallucinations being suffered while stranded at sea, there is here the understanding that a person can be surrounded by water that shows their reflection, though knows nothing.

Apart from ignorance and fear, humans are knowledgeable and strong through love.

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