Poem – “Your Eyes Cast a Burn” – Romance – 10/13/2019

Glaring devotion, seems to Keep you So warm. From loyalty, to that burning furnace, Upon bed sheets made of fans, To frenzy the flame, That spreads over your gloss, A shimmer to your form.There is beauty crawling atop, All the fragrance that has me Succumb to it.There is nothing so tragic, As to see beauty‚Äôs… Continue reading Poem – “Your Eyes Cast a Burn” – Romance – 10/13/2019

Poem – “The Doomed Harlot” – Romance – 9/21/2019

Where have graces taken thee,When you shielded before fate and misery?You play with the night,Like a bouquet of roses,Sniffed by children, and eaten by cats. Believe me, in my woe,You are the doomed harlot,The failed woman of many curses.Among that god between your legs,There are eyes that cry a sorrow. You glisten by day,To glisten… Continue reading Poem – “The Doomed Harlot” – Romance – 9/21/2019

Poem – “The Remarks from your Wicked Mouth” – Romance – 9/16/2019

Dashed with red lines,Above your feeble lips,Redness has clashed against the almightyOf porcelain chin and nectar saliva.It is the sort that drains,From a serpent tongue. You obeyed a man,With whom you sought after denial,To whom you've danced a longing night,Many of them, with which you saw betterment,If for but a while.Am I cherished in your… Continue reading Poem – “The Remarks from your Wicked Mouth” – Romance – 9/16/2019

Flash Story – “A Woman Praised by Beauty and Steel” – Romance

A woman's heart is to me, the cherished stone. I walk from where I sat, to her face, and bury only myself in her tears. They come out from dark eyes as sweet to taste, for she is happy! Happiness! So alien was the word, whenever I'd writhe in a torment back in my home.… Continue reading Flash Story – “A Woman Praised by Beauty and Steel” – Romance

Poem – “Her Beauty” – Romance

Beloved, beloved, with all my surrendering,I have suffered in my strength,To know not what I beheld,And it was only you, the simplest thing to show,How life could be the same,Simple and so very short. Your eyes are the glaciers of the north,And your lips are the raw swipes of paintOn the immaculate canvas. Your form… Continue reading Poem – “Her Beauty” – Romance

Poem – “My Love, Allow me, to Lift thee, from Tragedy” – Romance

My love,Allow me,To lift thee,From tragedy. You found in yourself a place,A shape, a heart,You are a muse to me,And I am amused by you. A love I see so clear,As the subtle stars,Beneath widest lakes,A face so very dark. And so very light,As you, the illuminated beauty. So very low, I have bent my… Continue reading Poem – “My Love, Allow me, to Lift thee, from Tragedy” – Romance

Poem – “Have We?” Romance

Have we expended our future,Unto the stars?Have we made ourselves saviors,With mercy to our belonging? I sit as a witness to your artful formThat shows shimmers upon a velvet torso.You have made a God whimper before you.He was me, the man to whom loves you. I sit beside you at the elongated table,And view your… Continue reading Poem – “Have We?” Romance

Dialogue – “The Empirical Assumption over a Man’s Awareness to Romance”

Q: As for your belief in a woman's way to make herself attractive, are you able to explain why you believe it is always necessary? A: Attraction is like butter, when melted, not frozen, and the connection of love and devotion will make a man melt into a woman's attractive appearance. Should a woman be… Continue reading Dialogue – “The Empirical Assumption over a Man’s Awareness to Romance”

The Most Bled Wound

Yearnful heart, with sickness amassed, I am the beggar, of all desires, So that I may lift, the veil, That shrouds, your shoulders. I see Heaven, placed upon, your mantle, I see Hell, swirling, in your bosom, I see breasts, that swell, like beaten limbs, I see, that compassion, has died. A tear falls, from… Continue reading The Most Bled Wound