Poem – “My Love, Allow me, to Lift thee, from Tragedy” – Romance

My love,
Allow me,
To lift thee,
From tragedy.

You found in yourself a place,
A shape, a heart,
You are a muse to me,
And I am amused by you.

A love I see so clear,
As the subtle stars,
Beneath widest lakes,
A face so very dark.

And so very light,
As you, the illuminated beauty.

So very low, I have bent my knee,
And offered a circle of gold.

I lift myself to kiss thy cheeks,
No tears, please, beautiful one.
We have cried enough,
And now is enough, more-so the love.

My body once ached,
And now I celebrate,
The eternity to our love,
And the holiest future.

I have found a work of art,
To place on a base, in my heart.
Love; oh, love!
I am nothing without it.

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