Poem – “Another of Many Pains” – Loss of a Father – 9/7/2020

Blinded, as I amBy the streams of your brightest lightOf a Heaven I knowYour screams cannot be.It is a pain I forgetBefore the face of a gracing love.Though, a painI will not deplete myself of,In recollection of arms I knew as a childWrapped around me forThe protection I had adored. I will not obey darkness,I… Continue reading Poem – “Another of Many Pains” – Loss of a Father – 9/7/2020

Poem – “Oh, Mother; Leave All Evil” – Personal Poem – 10/22/2019

Your spirit resides in turbulence,But, a moth rests itself atop your temple,A grave sits before you, idle and waiting.There's a place in Heaven, for you,Near the place Christ left, for you.There's evil that runs so free,Seemingly freer than love, itself.Why do you find yourself in comfort,During when your son has shown sides to him,That only… Continue reading Poem – “Oh, Mother; Leave All Evil” – Personal Poem – 10/22/2019

Poem – “Unable to Wish” – Romance

We are unable to wish,For the pain to end itself,Due to how our desires bendWith one another on this frail soil.We are united in death,And divided in love. A pitiful little beauty you once wereTo me and the seas.Waters poured from your eyes,Like frail rivers of ice.And I kissed each tear that strayedFrom its trail.… Continue reading Poem – “Unable to Wish” – Romance