Poem – “Another of Many Pains” – Loss of a Father – 9/7/2020

Blinded, as I am
By the streams of your brightest light
Of a Heaven I know
Your screams cannot be.
It is a pain I forget
Before the face of a gracing love.
Though, a pain
I will not deplete myself of,

In recollection of arms I knew as a child
Wrapped around me for
The protection I had adored.

I will not obey darkness,
I promise you.
My love for you shines somewhere,
As words cannot always release
From a desolate current
That sometimes
Streams no water.
Upon your memory
I cry forward.

I plea,
I see
My waters running off my side,
My stains becoming a newness,
My eyes branding my hands,
My love rising against the tide.

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