Quote – “What is Strength?” – 4/14/2021

“If the greatest weakness of all is for the individual to believe he lacks one, then this is his greatest imperfection. Awareness of capability does not come without the same for its opposite. We are not capable if we are not also aware of how we are incapable. Pushing limits is one way to be capable, though without an awareness for weakness, there is nothing to withstand and no way to show strength.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Vulnerability is the Key to Strength” – 7/23/2020

“Think of the mind as related to the muscles, when we exercise to break down the fibers so that our limbs can grow stronger after rest. To be vulnerable, is in the same idea. We operate on a choice that breaks us down, only for us to grow when we rest, when we contemplate on the consequences. That is called being responsible. That is called being mature.

When we encounter any trial in our lives, to do anything that requires risk, we break ourselves open upon the task before us. Like an egg, we crack ourselves open upon what we face. In being vulnerable during those moments, we are soon to grow when we repair ourselves, either through what we took a risk in, or when we are betrayed. Because, like muscles, we grow stronger after we rest, after we have been broken down.”

– Modern Romanticism

Poem – “A Farewell to my Idle Self” – Life – 4/7/2020

I cast aside
Where I have walked,
Where the priests once talked,
When they had looked over my shoulder,
At the failure surrounding me.
My lonely road,
Has been a cold one.

I say farewell,
To a man who stood frozen
By a stream
Made from his own tears.

I whisper goodbye
To the Hell I have forged from lies.
Because, here I am,
Ready to become one who can.

Life stands aside
For the brave and the bold
Who only walk onwards
Towards Death that takes hold.

Our lives are shelved upon mystery,
And hysteria.
A kiss is sometimes what we want,
When all the tears have been dried
To becoming a desert.

A Quote of Wisdom – “No One is Strong while Alone” – 3/8/2020

“To recognize our strength, is to see where we stand, that we do stand, that we are standing, upon the Earth where others have walked. For we do not walk any path alone, for the same reason as we should know that others know our difficulties, and can understand us. Self-worth has no meaning, if we continue to believe we can make it, without another’s aid. Because, the place where we stand, is a place where others have died, others have fallen, and still, others remain walking. Down the same roads we all travel, there are others to hold hands with, because the only strength we possess, while alone, is an evil and selfish one.

While we stand, we do not sink. We only stand, and remain standing, because we know that others have done the same, as us. Look to those who have made it, and receive wisdom from them. But, look behind you to see those who are struggling, and find yourself to be their leaders.”

Poem – “As a Man who Loves Forever” – Romance – 8/29/2019

I raise this curtain to show a face,
Streaming with the tears of fear.
Kiss me, beautiful one, before the noose wraps itself,
About my idle neck.

I have loved an angel,
And gave until I was emptiness,
I will remain as emptiness,
To focus on your delicate face,
And how the world could crush
All the beauty away from my reach.

Love has made me strong,
Love has made me fragile.
As a man who loves forever,
I still cling upon pain.

Confusion drinks the waters,
Of my frozen soul.
Love has a merry way
Of showing affection.
It is so, for I’ve become solitary
Against the waves of family.

I am so tired,
To find wholeness, once more,
And so, I will lay beside you,
In a bed of snow.

I would die, willingly,
To merely see your face still smiling.
For what haunts me the most,
Is the blood that may come,
And so, my mind cannot ever ease.
My mind cannot ever ease.

Words of Wisdom – “The Emotion” – 8/16/2019

“The emotion is alike the beast. Too wild to be free at the ultimate state, and too large to be truly caged. We, as humans, cage animals, for we cage emotions. We, as humans, believe ourselves to be beyond emotions. We, as humans, both cage ourselves, and the emotions we will enclose in our heart. The emotion is alike the beast. When free, it will roam, and we then have allowed it to escape us. We are without humanity through this action. The emotion should, in fact, be kept on a leash. With only enough freedom for movement, and enough control of the master to pull it backwards. The leash, however, is never unbreakable. For the emotion may be the beast with wings, or the beast with strong legs. Allow it to be truly free, and it will escape into total darkness. The master will search, being forced to search a void.”

Poem – “To Lift Thee up from a Poor Tomb” – Romantic

Have thee gone astray?
From the wicked heart of mine,
Into the comfort of decay
And into the solace of a new moon,
Soon when your weary mind
Sees the heat in this garden’s bloom?

I see with steps that are taken,
Above a grave that reeks,
In the scent of an ocean,
The magnificence of your fall.
And soon to lift you up,
From this naked shell.

You are beautiful and exquisite,
Even in your pain.
You have the pain of a wounded bird,
And the eyes that show disdain.
Mere petals without being a bud,
Without any new beginning.

When you’ll see me and my strength,
There will be no doubt.
There will be no need to shout,
“I have not seen you in happiness,
So how have you found strength?”
I do not feed, my love.

I have starved myself of happiness,
So that I may see thy misery.
I have created torture from another flower
Where each petal holds poison,
And the nectar is just as toxic,
And it is how I comprehend pain’s taste.

I will take it away from you,
In this strength, in this love.
You are among the few,
Among the brave,
You have seen me among the rotten,
And you will soon see me as unforgotten.