A Quote of Wisdom – “No One is Strong while Alone” – 3/8/2020

“To recognize our strength, is to see where we stand, that we do stand, that we are standing, upon the Earth where others have walked. For we do not walk any path alone, for the same reason as we should know that others know our difficulties, and can understand us. Self-worth has no meaning, if we continue to believe we can make it, without another’s aid. Because, the place where we stand, is a place where others have died, others have fallen, and still, others remain walking. Down the same roads we all travel, there are others to hold hands with, because the only strength we possess, while alone, is an evil and selfish one.

While we stand, we do not sink. We only stand, and remain standing, because we know that others have done the same, as us. Look to those who have made it, and receive wisdom from them. But, look behind you to see those who are struggling, and find yourself to be their leaders.”

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