Poem – “Walking on Endless Earth” – Romanticism – 3/5/2021

Of the snow that takes shape
Of a man’s crumpled hand,
With edges
That carry him down.

Of the breaking mind,
Wallowing in sustenance
Too heavy to hold,
Though he walks.

Sunrise, into the wastes
Of burned fields,
Sickened moors,
Orchards that loose more apples
Than ever he did of sin.

Will water
Quenched the starved lips,
Reminiscent of a kiss
Never allowed?

Will the moon
Show its true face
On the time
When scenery is sent off?

Philosophy – “Why Depression is all the same” – 1/1/2021

“Can depression be removed from the life of one who suffers from it? It cannot. It is not anything related to presence. Depression is what a person suffers from, due to absence, just as a wound upon skin is missing flesh and blood.”

– Modern Romanticism

The average psychiatrist or psychologist, or those who simply study the mind, cannot seem to comprehend the very definition of depression. Contrasted from the wound to the flesh or form, being something of a physical injury, damage done to the mind is metaphysical. Meaning, it is damage that extends beyond the understanding of a psychiatrist or whoever else is just attempting to do their job. It is what the depressed person suffers from, that no person whose study is the mind, made as a profession, can offer of replacement for true mending.

Is depression something there to be removed? Can a person who suffers from depression simply be stripped from it, altogether? Depression cannot be removed, anymore than with a wound on flesh, one would make it bigger.

There are those who have cited “situational depression” and contrasted it from “clinical depression”. However, it is all the same, due to that what is missing from one’s life, being what caused the depression, might not have ever been there to begin with. As in, of “situational depression”, there had been an occurrence, of perhaps a death in a person’s own family, that caused the depression to begin. Though, of “clinical depression” where there is no obvious situation involved, such is also the same as the former example, by how “absence” is also the factor involved to what the depressed person suffers. Whether a person suffers from their depression because of a loss, or of something that was never experienced, it relates to the yearning to which makes a person suffer from that absence.

What prescription, offered by a psychiatrist or whoever else, can offer something that was once genuine or wanted to be genuine, to someone’s life? According to this, anti-depressants would be no more than placeholders, deprived of the genuineness that would fulfill an individual out, from what they lack.

It is always that a person suffers due to what has either been lost or had never been, rather than what is still present in their lives. Gratitude is the feeling we possess for what is still present in our lives, being the factor that fills the void of depression, of that darkness to which we found no light. In the realization for what is still present in our lives, rather than for what is absent, we do extend that gratitude upon it. Though, the factor of being “genuine” among all that presence, cannot relate to the materialistic, being more proof for why depression is metaphysical of an issue.

A Quote – “What does it mean to Protect a Loved One?” – 2/16/2020

“To protect those who are hurting; no, to protect those who have once experienced hurt; no, to protect those who have yet to be hurt further, and that is what is meant to be done, being the final way. See the suffering? See it clear, with your own eyes? Do you cry for it? Do not bully it. More than all else, have you done enough to burden yourself, and to place the pain on its source, being the wrong one? Is it that simple to see within yourself? It is not, and you will suffer yourself, should your pain be placed at the wrong spot. You will suffer more, due to that. Protect those, and only those, who won’t experience further hurt, due to your commitment to never allow their suffering to worsen itself. Everyone experiences hurt, and everyone looks over their shoulder to see who cares.”