A Quote – “What does it mean to Protect a Loved One?” – 2/16/2020

“To protect those who are hurting; no, to protect those who have once experienced hurt; no, to protect those who have yet to be hurt further, and that is what is meant to be done, being the final way. See the suffering? See it clear, with your own eyes? Do you cry for it? Do not bully it. More than all else, have you done enough to burden yourself, and to place the pain on its source, being the wrong one? Is it that simple to see within yourself? It is not, and you will suffer yourself, should your pain be placed at the wrong spot. You will suffer more, due to that. Protect those, and only those, who won’t experience further hurt, due to your commitment to never allow their suffering to worsen itself. Everyone experiences hurt, and everyone looks over their shoulder to see who cares.”

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