The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “One Hold, and One Kiss” – Romance – 9/19/2019

We are makers,
Of truest intent.
Never as disbelievers,
To the whole state of our truth,
We are sharp deceivers,
When unleashing the bitterest tears,
But, as lovers, we are stark beauty
Upon waves of highest elevation.

I am in disbelief for your majesty,
And so, I go to embrace you,

While a crown of barbs girdles your head,
Each laced with the most fragrant venom.
Bless me, kind woman!
I am in love with you.

One hold, and one kiss,
Is all to receive in reception of you
We’ll play the tired game of mystery,
The sort that would entrance.

Death has both angel wings and fangs,
It has both, the conceit of the rose,
And the boldness of fungi,
While love has merely the boldness,
Of a life made simple.

I kiss your sweet lips,
I taste the warm breath coming from within you,
The most beautiful thing of you
Is the memory of a moment.

It is this moment, and it will forever be
This moment.

We dine, as we will forever dine,
On all our fragrances,
On all our beauty.

One hold, and one kiss,
Is all we need for a greeting.

Poem – “I am Here to Accompany” – Romance – 8/29/2019

Sweet darling,
I am not the Devil I take me for,
A paranoid wad of feces,
Has become my mind,
I face the future with a blank stare,
As idleness caresses my hands.

Fear is my only betrayal,
To this woeful heart.
I wish to care, and to accompany
Each tear that descends,
From each of your delicate cheeks.
Beloved beauty! I am here.

As fear has become my Manhood,
What do I do with it?
Console me, as I desire it,
And lead yourself not astray
From my trembling form,
I do love you, despite my silence.

My love, my angel, my everything…
I would die to know,
What you think of myself.
To pen and to paper,
I write these things, though I’d always prefer,
To draw my sorrow on your porcelain form.

Poem – “Bludgeoned by the Tear” – 8/17/2019

“I love you,
It is for that reason,
That I will not let you fall.
With eyes that gleam under moonlight,
And features that show fear before my sight,
I do love, and for that, I will seek strength,
So that beauty will not be hurt
By a swinging tear.”

Poem – “Nothing but the Pain I Feel” – Romance

With scars so engraved,
Am I able to dig them out?

Am I am able to see,
That which has muddled thee,
By the sin we both breathe,
In bitter misery?

Bandage these sores,
For they’ve accumulated,
Vast swarms of flies,
Longing to feast.

I have failed my own God,
The woman I adored,
And now see tragedy,
Upon my doorstep.
He calls himself, “Death”,
And fails to see mercy,
Unless that is his wish,
One I am too blinded to see.

Females in their term of turmoil,
Enemies have betrayed them.
I feast and dine upon wine,
Upon the blood of a youthful swine,
One of which I call “mine”.
Until bones are ashes under the guise of time.

Berate me, now and forever,
The wickedness, now and forever.
Scold me, now to forever,
Be unkind, now to the ever.

I am no man,
Just a feeble form,
Grown old by his bones,
And broken by stones.

Poem – “Oh, Love; How can You Weep?” – Romance

Oh, when you’ve begun to weep in the sickness
Of your unending pain.
What embrace can I offer,
Different from the last?
What kiss may I give,
More compassionate than the former?

How can weeping be a benefit,
During when hope lies fruitful and hale?
You continue to see tears like raining sapphires,
Like raining blood, like raining rubies.
Like the emerald between your fingers,
Like grass that has been taken.

Oh, when you’ve begun to weep in the sickness
Of your unending pain.
What embrace can I offer,
Different from the last?
What kiss may I give,
More compassionate than the former?

You have tears still hanging loosely
On that forlorn stare of yours
It burns holes in my mountain of pride,
And makes the forests crumble to ash.
Love holds its doors open,
For us to walk through its gates,
And you’ll weep, merely weep,
Despite our hopes, despite our wishes.

Has faith been lost in you?
Under the many doubtful turns
Have you come to quake
In the fear,
Because of my doings,
Of my lack of them?

Upon the floor, you crawl with eyes streaming such sadness,
Above my arms, I attempt to let you see, the Heavens for their blue,
And you stream sadness,
Upon Hell and its washed hues to make shades.

I feel strong, only when faith is an occurrence,
Never weak, and never faltering, when there’s no doubt,
From you, my wicked beauty.

Make me want you, more than the highest angels,
I am no monster, my love, no devil of danger.

We kiss, do we not, when we desire relief?

Poem – “Face Me, Twisted and Broken” – Grief

Take in yourself,
The solidness of a new morning,
My beloved.
Your face is so very wet,
With the tears,
But I implore you!
Do not blame,
Yourself, for yourself is too new.

Face me, where you stand,
As your face shines the warmth,
Upon my disastrous form.
My body is heavy
With the pain of illness.
Disease has struck me,
Like the stick upon the drum,
Like the madness upon the mind.

My eyes are seen in yours,
As they too, swim in a lake of tears.
Do not be so idle,
When faces look upon yours,
To cast pity in your direction.
They are only in the attempt,
To be kind,
For they wish to offer a heart.

Take in yourself,
The solidness of a new morning.
My beloved,
Your face is so very wet,
With the tears.
But, I implore you!
Do not blame
Yourself, for yourself is too new.

There is much sickness in me.
Embrace me once more
Upon this rotten bed.
Let the tears be sweet,
And the kisses deep.
Show me not this pain.
But, make me a blessing,
For your heart.

Poem – “Behind your Shielding Hands” – Romance

Your shielding hands do not wash tears,
But merely keep your face hidden from the crudeness,
Of my blatancy.
Of balance and form, of folded wings that burn.

Where tears weep out to the hovering space,
I’ll say that it is you who cries.
Behind a closed curtain where farewells die,
There is you who cries.

There is the merciless destruction of a form,
A love had once protected it,
And protected a face,
From scarring.

Death is your only reward,
For your selfish abandonment.
What is my reward?
Where is my punishment?
I am the fallen curtain,
And the somber attitude.

The endless revealing of your bleeding tears,
The times we’ve kept to the unending dark,
Has played our emotions like distant notes,
Called from a rock,
Called from a wailing woman,
Whose lover has gone away.

There is shadow that creeps over me,
By the futility of a presence.
I am angered by my desire,
To still have you, by the moment I’m meant to hang.

Love has called me back,
To my selfish hopes,
Your selfishness is merely a stone,
To my boulder.

Your shielding hands do not wash tears,
But merely keep your face hidden from the crudeness,
Of my blatancy.
Of balance and form, of folded wings that burn.

Of grace and sickening aromas,
Of rouge and shadow and roses,
Of beauty and the chain to the whip.
There is all the desire to behold.

There is a reveal of madness in my swimming eyes,
There is a curtain of forgiveness upon my arm,
There are beauties who roam,
And kisses that touch.

I am nothing without a fever,
Without a love.
I am nothing,
And simply everything.

Poem – “I am Man, who Carries each Ache” – Romance

Bide thy time,
For the most worrisome.
For I am here to console
And triumph
Over thy descending tears,
And over thy frozen heart.

Do you believe such a burden belongs
Mainly with you?
Allow me to take it,
And to hold it.
I wish to see it,
And to study it.

I am here,
To bide thy time,
For the most worrisome
Of travails.
You hold a face that darkens itself
Beneath a pallid moon.

Do not, and I repeat,
Do not speak such words,
That erode thy exterior into nameless,
For I had abandoned my pride
For the sake of loyalty.
I have made you mine.

Before an altar dressed in wisps and shades,
I discovered a tear,
That faltered to give way
And make its way
To your pale chin.
You spoke a few idle words, “Let me go.”

No more tears,
And no more sorrow.
Your idleness screams
Out to shores, upon the highest peninsula.
Leave those tears to me,
The pain to me.

I speak words that you may comprehend,
“I held enjoyment as long as I could,
And I will hold it some more.
For I am here to bide thy time
For the most worrisome
Travails, and hold thy life in my palm.”

All Beauty Falls without its Protection

We had loved, without glimpses, to our present,
Allowing its gift, to surge, through our hearts,
We had called upon, love to swell,
Dancing on shores, where waters collected.

I do love thee, with all the flames, of my heart,
I love thy beauty, with all the light, that flickers.

I leave thee, to roam, among the planet’s edge,
I leave, for the music, of my soul, has lifted,
To new heights, beyond thee.

I gave thee ground, to tread,
To see this empire, as meager, as soiled,
But to pity me, is to find emptiness,
You’d find it greater, than what I’d built.

In drawing upon beauty, a blade of skin,
Marking myself, my name, into your silk,
In conquering thee, I gave plentiful graces,
To the sea, and to the sky, my domain.

You are loved, no longer.
My beauty, my pain, my shame.

Utter demises, and utter bliss,
Therefore, to walk alone, is my wish.

Petals Laid in Tears

With glances, of blue,
Skin, of ivory,
You shall wear, a crown,
Dressed, in simplicity.

You mourned, the frozen wastes,
With tranquil beliefs, that shaped worlds,
I knew, the ending, to your plight,
But saw, only my life, in twists.

There is beauty, in every love,
With statues, cast from marble,
Risen, towards the emerald,
In forests, of secret safety.

With the illusion, that dips a leaf,
Adorned with petals, and thorns,
Into the silk, of a woman’s breast,
I find the essences, of worship…

…and those, that destroy,
Shall break, the evening tide.

With glances, of blue,
Skin, of ivory,
You shall wear, a crown,
Dressed, in simplicity.

There were moments, that were holy,
The meager silence, that sought,
To poison, the fruit above us,
Rained discolored wine, instead.

The joys, that lovers, hold dear,
Are naught, but ashes and snow.
Soft, with blessings, of sadness,
Departure, for the listless.

If I wished, for the nothing,
My love, shall grow, anew.