The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “One Hold, and One Kiss” – Romance – 9/19/2019

We are makers,
Of truest intent.
Never as disbelievers,
To the whole state of our truth,
We are sharp deceivers,
When unleashing the bitterest tears,
But, as lovers, we are stark beauty
Upon waves of highest elevation.

I am in disbelief for your majesty,
And so, I go to embrace you,

While a crown of barbs girdles your head,
Each laced with the most fragrant venom.
Bless me, kind woman!
I am in love with you.

One hold, and one kiss,
Is all to receive in reception of you
We’ll play the tired game of mystery,
The sort that would entrance.

Death has both angel wings and fangs,
It has both, the conceit of the rose,
And the boldness of fungi,
While love has merely the boldness,
Of a life made simple.

I kiss your sweet lips,
I taste the warm breath coming from within you,
The most beautiful thing of you
Is the memory of a moment.

It is this moment, and it will forever be
This moment.

We dine, as we will forever dine,
On all our fragrances,
On all our beauty.

One hold, and one kiss,
Is all we need for a greeting.

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