Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “To Apply Reason to Honesty” – 7/9/2019

July 9, 2019

“To apply reason to honesty, nullifies honesty into a non-existence. This is to force God into a non-existence. When all a human believes in, is realities, they automatically deny God, because God is the representation of what falls into love: honesty and judgement. Satan holds the tortures of love, that are seduction and possession. God holds the pleasantries of love, that are the emplacement of perfection into the imperfection of humans, and we become insane because we have glimpsed the sight of perfection; we have glimpsed the sight of Heaven.

Reason nullifies honesty, because it is to apply reality to truth. A reality is seen, and love cannot be seen, but only experienced. A beloved may be seen, but an emotion can only be experienced. Any reason will deny an emotion, because an emotion is an imperfection, and love perfects the emotions, though the imperfection remains; as with reality, that is a different form of perfection, is the perfection of human creation, though is only a false perfection and a denial of a human’s inevitable imperfection.

Reality falsifies truth, so that truth is no longer raised, as a woman is raised away from the temptations of deception, so she becomes an angel. Honesty is the first thought, and never the second or the infinite thoughts within reason. Honesty cannot be rearranged into critical thinking. It can only be listened to, in the same way as the beloved to their beloved will say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with nothing held back from their hearkening ears.

The belief in God’s non-existence is merely a denial of perfection, that is the perfection of the emotion of love. Reason denies honesty alike to how reality falsifies truth, because truth can only come from the heart, while reality is existence, itself. None can ever see God, though only experience God, through a beginning. God was made a male, a man, a father, because a male, a man, and a father creates beginnings through a seed into a womb. Love is, therefore, also the beginning, the first thought, that creates creation. In other words, scientists merely act on God’s behalf, to create of their own means, and only ever deny the importance of love, merely because love has no use within the realm of dissatisfaction when it comes to business. Love holds up the greatest of responsibility, and human creation comes to a halt when responsibility is encouraged.”