A Thought – “Philosophy on COVID19” – 4/26/2020

In olden times, we had an entire laundry list of issues to tackle. In today’s time, we invent problems as easily as we invent machines to fix those invented problems. However, when a real problem comes to town, something that science has found too new to handle, all the triviality seems even less important than it ever was. Discovering our identity? Insecurity among adolescents? Insecurity among men? These are luxury issues that we would probably yearn for, in today’s time, to return for boring discussion. Such meager issues are not even on anyone’s mind, during this crisis. A virus as this is the most equal thing, striking at anyone without prejudice. It cares not for our plans, nor for our “pride”. We are, to it, the only thing worth discovering, and soon killing. And, when we find ourselves returning to made-up problems, playing pretend and role-play, we will probably discover relief.