Philosophy – “A Critique on the Existence of Journalism” – Dialogue – 9/22/2019

Q: What strikes your pity to be so prominent?

A: It is because whenever I see a person aiming to engage in Journalism, I see no more than the smile of insanity or excitement. Logic is never in the equation of Journalism, nor in its existence, and femininity has merely encompassed it, like a spread of peanut butter on a slice of bread.

Q: What makes you intolerant towards Journalism?

A: Journalism resonates upon its sole ingredient: excitement. The thrill of the chase after the truth, is much different than a spread of directions, a spread of paths, as this relates more to the lie. A lie is complex, as are emotions, and each emotion is a different path. The source of the confusion comes from simply witnessing these emotions in their drama. Unless someone has the idea of writing of lost cats or children with sore legs after kicking a ball, there will be the crudeness of engaging in the lie, itself.

Q: What is the lie, itself?

A: The definition of a lie is simple complexity. A complexity that creates numerous paths, this is a lie. A deception, that is easily convincing, marks the essence of the emotion. Journalism strikes me as the only weapon that employs this. The usage of emotions, and never the consolation towards them. The witnessing of tears or fear, for the sake of the camera, makes it a reality, despite both the emotions and the presence of a camera making the scene an unreality. The viewer had not been there, though viewed the deception through a lens, and it all becomes a mere “perception”.

Q: What do you make of perceptions?

A: It is the one-sided story, the essence of the debate, the source of division, as each “perception” created from a sight upon a television screen, creates the feeling of loneliness, separation, and anxiety. Each viewer of a screen has been deceived, and now they are the victims from which deception creates puppets. Each string, that is, from the puppet master, marks each separate path towards an emotion. A puppet is only a representation of a lifeless corpse, without the strings. With the strings, the puppet is seen to be wild. It moves, though is still lifeless and without a soul.

Q: And back to Journalism?

A: In utilizing the ingredient of excitement, truth is always ignored. Truth is never discovered in this scenario. A Journalist will be so intent in “rushing within the rush”, so to speak, that they will never make an attempt to look for truth. They rush, lost in the crowd of both spectators and those who perceive, that they remain concealed. Most of them are rushed on caffeine, creating a further “fast-paced” attitude, marking them as the perfect vessel to be the perfect puppet. The wild one, is like a corpse reanimated.

Q: What more of Journalism?

A: A complexity is merely an emotion, and each emotion creates deception. Each person conflicted with a “mental illness” is lied to, whether by Psychiatrists, or by their own thoughts. A simple cure, such as a pill, is still alike the simple cure, that is suicide. The remedy is never to become a robot, though to use logic to uplift those deep in their emotions. It is because, whether it be depression or simple fear, there is calmness that reveals itself as more daunting than the fear, itself.

A Description – “Two Faces in Love – One Bent in Tears, as the other Offers Forgiveness” – Romance – 9/11/2019

“The definition of trust is to never exploit Man’s guilt for his actions, for his doings; because, Man has DONE, over Woman who remarks guilt over what she has NOT DONE.”

There is where guilt resides in either Man or Woman’s heart.

The guilt for Man states what he has done.

The guilt for Woman states what she has not done.

To see Man as a giant, would make him be the one to create footprints, or a path, and where he has trekked, he has created destruction, in that path. And as a giant, it snows behind himself, and that snow would represent the guilt of Man.

To select Man as society’s opportunist, makes society the slowness to which forgiveness and trust becomes necessary. And who offers this?

Woman offers this trust and forgiveness, unto Man, so that Man may no longer need to converse with Woman, to see her own past, and feel the need to cleanse it. That would make him heroic once more, and place him in the potential guilt for which creates ever-more knots and binds, and confusion.

To select Woman as society’s opportunist, makes society the rapidity and quickness where chivalry is lacking. It is due to that chivalry was strictly invented for the sole purpose of seeing a future without “passing or ignoring things that are missed”. And such refers to when a government will, especially in today’s realm, never be the one to share their ideals with every person who lives.

And through the love from Woman, and from the depression of Man, society would thus, becomes the slowness that relates to appreciation for each action.

Trust is neglected in today’s world.

People are taught to trust themselves, and that the world is full of betrayers.

To cure this, one must comprehend what exactly is the definition of trust:

The definition of trust is to never exploit Man’s guilt for his actions, for his doings; because, Man has DONE, over Woman who remarks guilt over what she has NOT DONE.

An emplacement of external trust in any society would make the exploitation of guilt from Man never a benefit to Woman; and from this, there would be the actions from trust. That is, acceptance for Man, so that Man is trusted to do better.

That is trust. An acceptance of fault and flaw, so that Man is trusted to do better, and do no worse than what guilt has done to make him depressed.

As a giant, Man does not know what he has stepped upon, as he refuses to peer over his own broad shoulders.

He has stepped upon insects.

In proposal for a woman of a man’s choice, Man gives unto Woman the diamond that represents his heart, the largest thing over his own ego; and such a presentation of a diamond, shows that his heart has always been largest, in contrast to his form.

As a giant, Man had stepped on insects.

When having knee bent in submission to her, through devout and truest love, Man makes himself an insect.

He peers upwards, and looks into her eyes, and sees both the sun of one eye, and the moon of the other eye. He sees both black and white, not in terms of both success and failure, to remind him of his past; instead, he sees both the guilt of himself and the offered forgiveness from Woman, that she does offer so that he trusts himself to once more, make the right decisions.