Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Epic Descent” – Philosophy – 9/8/2019

September 8, 2019

“Where had humans soared when they looked upwards to the sky? They had seen God, they had seen the sun, they had seen warmth; and what else? They saw the limitlessness of space. Now when science turns humans from staring upwards at the Universe, towards the Earth where we may discover ourselves, we are limited in such a degree. We are limited, because to stare at our own flesh, reveals the vulnerabilities of our fleshy existence. When we, as religious folks, stared upwards, we yearned to soar in infinity. And then, as all angels cast down from Heaven, we discover only one thing among the sciences: that the descent is a far shorter process, over the ascension.

We show a clinging upon Death, upon Socialism, the creator of poverty. We look downwards, in our depression, because the impoverished have lost all; and in losing all, their eyes are staring at what has seemingly been buried, seemingly been forgotten, or seemingly neglected.

We have no sight of equality, after we’ve turned our eyes from Heaven, from the sky, and from God. A ‘discovery of ourselves’ only turns us towards a descent, a spiraling decline downwards.

And where is the proof behind such a descent? It shall be illustrated.

Look to when we saw ourselves staring upwards, and we held a faith in God.

Then, when science came around, we held a faith, or a trust, in humans.

And now, when the sciences have betrayed us, when money and greed have become our comfort, we turn to animals.

We see, from this, that Darwin has always been our Prophet, because in today’s time, our ‘epic descent’ has caused us to have trust in our origin. That is, in animals, in the very Nature of Nature, itself.”


Words of Wisdom – “Love is the Center of the Universe” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“What can the human commonly say about love, other than its purpose in shielding? In burning, it acts as the sun, as the woman, to a man, when he is the universe. He beholds stars, in her creation. He allows her heart to go aflame. For what does the sun do, when warm, when hot, when scalding, rather than offer power to the powerless? The universe is cold, and each sun directly in the center of the galaxy is the source of a woman’s heat. Her body, so to speak, is aflame at the Southern point, as all of Antarctica melts, when lust controls the world. It is here, to comprehend it all, that life is meant to fade, and never to burn out.”

Poem – “My Unending Days” – 7/11/2019

July 11, 2019

I falter to see,
The fulfillment of me.
Upon this universe,
Where there are swaying reeds,
Near to the banks of a river.
It is the simplest thing.

Upon this universe,
Where Heaven is too ephemeral,
And a government too happy,
I struggle to feel,
The euphoria unreal,
The pain I sought to seal.

Upon my body,
I am the void,
The many faces that mock,
Are rather, in shock.
They shake my memories,
To the foundations.

My unending days,
Are nearing their beginning,
Once again.
For living eternally,
And in happiness,
Is immediate denial.

In denial, for what life stands for,
That is, the exhaust,
The tiring, the weary,
And though we despise it,
We yearn for it,
Soon as we cannot recognize it.