Poem – “My Unending Days” – 7/11/2019

I falter to see,
The fulfillment of me.
Upon this universe,
Where there are swaying reeds,
Near to the banks of a river.
It is the simplest thing.

Upon this universe,
Where Heaven is too ephemeral,
And a government too happy,
I struggle to feel,
The euphoria unreal,
The pain I sought to seal.

Upon my body,
I am the void,
The many faces that mock,
Are rather, in shock.
They shake my memories,
To the foundations.

My unending days,
Are nearing their beginning,
Once again.
For living eternally,
And in happiness,
Is immediate denial.

In denial, for what life stands for,
That is, the exhaust,
The tiring, the weary,
And though we despise it,
We yearn for it,
Soon as we cannot recognize it.

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