Philosophy – “In the Midst of a Virus, Optimism and Idealism is Best” – 2/6/2021

“Those who support the facts of a world depraved, are those who seek to keep the deprivation steady and continuous.”

– Modern Romanticism

Scientists support facts. Politicians seem to support the scientists. However, doers will be idealistic, even among the pain of not letting the world spin and continuing on with the flow.

There are nations that falter, with their obsessions on realism. These are nations being fed the facts. There are people, in these nations, who are starved of being responsible. Responsible for who? Responsible for their families. Responsible for the historical outlook, with the future generations. How will future generations see us? They will ask, “Why didn’t they move?”

Facts do not move. Facts stand still. They remain. What tackles the evident oppression are always those who are against facts.

There are those who claim their death. Whereas, there are those who speak of wanting to live. This is the difference between cowardice and bravery. One does not tackle a suicide mission without appearing insane to most.

Facts are necessary. However, as all facts are frozen and stiff, the people who dream of betterment forge the movements that get to a destination. The facts do not follow.

The facts remain and the facts remain. Who supports the scientists? What side tells the scientists to feed us facts? That’s whatever side that deserves extermination. Pinpoint it, being of oppression, that they’re the side deserving the condemnation for endangering a world, full of people and their personal goals.

In the world of 2020 & 2021, those who can afford to be realistic are those who can subdue the idealistic. As in, whoever is realistic, during this world, are either cowards or the comfortable. Those of the latter will tell a person, so idealistic, that the world will one day allow them “room to breathe”. We have shown that certain humans are the greater virus, than Covid-19.

Those who can claim to wish for freedom, are the people who are compatible with today’s setting. They can be the ones who bring about the true movements, not the distractions. For no true flood and no true purge of the real threat, can ever be labelled a “distraction”.

No leader can side with facts, though also wish for change.

As it is also the truth, no leader can side with change, though also cling to facts.

In a world full of defeatists and those who bite their nails in fear, optimism is the greatest weapon. Though, in a world full of options and ampleness, there is much room to be realistic and hold onto what one knows.

No one thirsts themselves upon facts, anymore than anyone can drink ice. Does the ice move, except for the glacier that no one pays any attention to? Or, does the flood move more quickly?

Feed the world facts, and then the world will continue to move as slow as a glacier.

For the realists only ever level the outbursts of the overly-idealistic, as they become stilled and calm, like ice. Though, the optimists and idealists will always know their world of water, to pull the realist out from drowning.

Quote – “The Impossibility of Inherent Evil” – Pt. 2 – 9/5/2020

“Were a scientist to attempt to numb human pain, they’d only succeed in burying their humanity alive, not ever dead. Were that same scientist to attempt to replace all their human flesh with metal, they’d still require a human component to maintain functionality. Otherwise, they’d lose themselves. It is the same with understanding that a person cannot be born evil, cannot be born twisted of ideology. We are born with biology, with sameness to flesh and bone.

The more humans think, the more we believe we can change, can transform. Though, such change never completely exits outside the realm of being human, being flawed of that same flesh and bone.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Impossibility of Inherent Evil” – 9/5/2020

“For human functionality to take place, then humanity must be, even at the smallest increment, existent in the person’s spirit. Even the human who attempts to make themselves purely machine, would not function were it not for the small percentage of humanity still stored within them. To be 99% the psychopath or the narcissist is only possible. For to be 100% lacking of empathy and humanity is impossible.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Stupidities & Intelligence of Men & Women” – 9/2/2020

“A generalization is not so much the trivialization of a person, place, or thing. It is more the act of simplifying a person, place, or thing so that ambition, as a drive for stupidity, does not bring in a chaotic mentality.”

– Modern Romanticism

A man is direct, and straightforward. He is weak, when he holds back, though he is smarter when he does. Intelligence always operates on the aspect of vulnerability. That is because for a man, he will go straight, and onward enough to smash into a wall. Then, rather than attempting to understand the wall, fathom the obstacle for why it has been placed in his way, he will merely drive it down.

Men and their ambitions make them forward-thinkers. As a stupid one, such “forward-thinking” will always meet obstacles. To crush them all, makes the man an idiot. What does a woman do, when she has been the observant one to a man’s predictable Nature? She wishes to be forward-thinking. She looks to him, says that her being “held back” is an oppression, and then goes to aim for his exact motives, to replicate them. It is the same as her looking at her own reflection to apply the cosmetic, and seeing something hideous. She then embraces that ugliness, not ever wishing to only be seen as beautiful. For a man is an ugly fool, whenever he is a forward-thinker. A man is plain, in this sense. When a woman imitates this, she is also plain, as it is known of her to accept that.

All the intelligence of a man is in his need to understand. To use his ears, over his eyes, and pay attention. He must pay attention to a woman. He must pay attention to sounds, not only sights. His recognition of beauty, is his recognition of a woman. His sight upon her, is his penetrative gaze past such beauty. Though, if a man remains stuck upon appearances, then to him, it is another obstacle. If he breaks her, whether physically or with manipulation, then he is an idiot. He is an idiot to break what he cannot be honest with, for that would require vulnerability.

A woman’s intelligence comes when she finds it not worthwhile to give into vanity. To “have it all”, as some might say. A woman’s vanity, being an innate trait that can be given connection to her curiosity, is her desire to touch everything. As unpredictable as a woman is, it is because she represents change. If a woman speaks openly about change and choice, then she is speaking about vanity. Choice connects to “diversity”, while “diversity” connects to an endless source of colors. Colors are always infinite, so her intelligence would come from mere observation to them. To listen to who tempts her, however, would result in her touch. Her touch, would pull down what has been build upward.

If a woman has more of a chance to develop Alzheimer’s Disease, then it only means that she has been using her ears more, over her eyes. What she sees, enables her curiosity. Though, her eyes are only used after she has heard what pulls her in, for the sake of temptation. What she sees, is always another imitation of her beauty. Another attraction, that is, being what pulls her. What she touches, is a thing chosen, centered among the numerous choices and colors of this world.

Within vanity, there is chaos. Within chaos, there is change. Within change, there is infinity within the range of choices.

A man’s intelligence comes to counter the comprehension to what he believes should be destroyed, by his hands. Rather, he will mold to improve, and not destroy to remove, the ugliness into beauty.

A woman’s intelligence comes from her being able to use more of her eyes, over her ears. This makes her able to give less into temptation, from what is spoken to her, by fork-tongued tempters.

Quote – “Why Online Friends are not Real Friends” – 8/6/2020

“The quality to the quantity of a friendship, should matter more over its opposite. Why would a person believe that their 1,000+ online-only connections matter more than the few they truly trust to be physically close to them? It seems the trust factor has been completely ommitted in online friendship, to the point where it is not even needed.

To be physically close, requires trust. Such cannot happen in an online connection.

Such means that in an online friendship, quantity has surpassed quality, making the latter not even necessary, like trust.

The person who places more faith in an online friendship, places more faith in expendables, knowing this person has the freedom to drop the connection, during any time.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Difference Between Capability and Ambition” – 8/6/2020

“Some will argue that their way to be ‘able’ in this world, is being drowned out. Yet, in the form that ambition takes, something far greater always emerges.

For to be capable simply refers to being able to lift the brick, to place it in another location. To be ambitious means to envision an entire empire constructed from those same bricks. The worker is the capable one. The leader, to the project, is ambitious.

How is it that capability could be drowned out, restricted of one’s rights for it, when workers and builders, whether literal or figurative, are always needed?

The ambitious one will always out-task the capable one.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Reason for the Coronavirus” – Pt. 2 – 8/5/2020

“If betrayal of trust, to the personal level, can be met with reaction through vengeance, then it is love, itself, to do the same. It will be, in such a latter case, on a global scale.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love is the emotion of trust, to be physically close with another enough to not believe them to do harm. In a world where trust is not needed, due to that people are so close, even without knowing another, love is inevitably rejected. Among cities, love will be rejected when closeness is too inevitable to even care for the outcome of it.

Upon the personal level, the human in love is bound to trust the beloved for their personal closeness. It will only ever be the case, through betrayal, that their physical closeness is never wanted. Though, the memory of them will still be kept in mind.

At the global scale, when development of human societies and communities has reached an ultimate peak, there comes a time when love, itself, is being betrayed. By that, a human’s development can only ever be of their bodies. For to gain knowledge, itself, is essentially a craving. For do we not feel pleasure in our bodies, when such is attained?

Human love cannot be forgotten, as it is always remembered. Humans love, out of trust. However, when there is only respect to be demanded, that is when a world has arisen out of personal gain, for the act not out of love. For the proof had been for the capability of a person, and that, alone.

Respect sides with being capable, though to love sides with being free of the mind. If love is said by religion to be belonging of the head, then it is the body being only ever benefited by such personal gain. No body can be free. All bodies are used or made as slaves. Only the mind can be free. Therefore, in that, the mind is never shackled. It would be the same as to shackle love. Such is impossible. Though, in the attempt to do so, then love, itself, acts vengeful.

If love is said by religions to be of the head, then it will destroy the form, however possible, when the form has attempted to suffocate love. By this, numbers reveal to be the matter meaning to smother the breath of love, or its own flame. Such means, that love cannot die.

Love cannot die, meaning that love cannot be suffocated by an overexertion of human development. Human development, when exceeded, is the inevitable attempt to suffocate love. If such were ever to successfully occur, then human development would no longer happen. It would result in human extinction. For as tales of Nuclear War speak of suffocation, among the end of human preservation, this becomes truth. Human development can only ever occur, when love creates distance so that trust is more-so necessary. As trust becomes needed, once more, humans begin to rebuild. Because, through trust, love makes the human close in the developing communities.

In the act of Vengeance, love, itself, turns upon humans to make a disease that would suffocate them. COVID19 is that disease, being designed by love to suffocate humans. Again, in the act of love’s betrayal of trust, the emotion becomes vengeful. For if love is the head, then it is free in its will. It is free in its power. It is free in its control. Therefore, it will be free in its whereabout. For if even God is said to “be everywhere”, then it is sensible to say that love will be the same, in every corner, in every crevice.

Revenge is, again, the reaction to love’s betrayal of trust. If on the personal level, such is the case, then at the global level, it is the same. Suffocation unto love, itself, causes what peaks human development to inevitably becomes lessened. In love’s vengeance, humans are suffocated, due to that defining revenge, being to do unto someone else exactly what they did to you.

Quote – “Love, the Inextinguishable Flame” – 8/4/2020

“As humans manifest their power in terms of numbers, it is love that remains the oneness.

In a scenario where a human believes they can bury their memories beneath the grave, hurl the past behind, it is simple denial.

A human denies the ‘existence’ of God, in the same way that they deny their own grief, knowing the memory unable to die. It is love that cannot die. For what thing ‘exists’ that had already died, though still lives on in the heart? If God is described to be eternal, then it is love, the same way.

Love remains inextinguishable, due to that it cannot suffocated by the numerous grain of soil, or sand, when buried beneath it all. We cannot hurl the past behind, nor can we drown it. We cannot simply forget what hurts, that was once loved.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Reason for the Coronavirus” – 7/30/2020

“Growth is elevated to the point of comfort. To that degree, humans must decline in numbers so that external stability is generated. Survival is the most prominent necessity for any organism, making life so precious in its fight to remain.”

– Modern Romanticism

Many factors exist within what is to be said, here. Though, two hold the most power, for why the novel Coronavirus has appeared:

  1. Overpopulation.
  2. A lack of trust among individuals, that has turned reproduction from love to appetite.

Why did the Coronavirus begin in China? It did, because China is the most overpopulated nation on this planet, called Earth. Overpopulation is an aspect to Mother Nature’s maintained organisms, that is seen by Her to be something deathly when it is grown to the point of perpetual comfort. Strife from loss is the necessary ingredient to allow a species’ will to survive. That is because to elevate oneself, again, to the height of love, one wishes to be in comfort, once more. It is through the loss of who we love, that we lean into what it means to never lose, to always win, and to survive. We, as a species, become unified under this pain of loss for who we love, as we work to love everyone.

Overpopulation is the growth of vast numbers, to the point of being chaotic. When we overpopulate, we begin to starve. When we do, love no longer is needed for what it means to populate a nation. For we engage in sexual intercourse out of trust. As trust is aligned with love, we comprehend that we are at ease, in comfort, with the one who is trusted. We are elevated to the point of knowing that our trust was well-founded, and not offered in vain. Though, when sexual intercourse becomes nothing more than appetite, we are showing the signs that those who we are meant to love, become as expendable as food and water. In that sheer “comfort”, we are lacking of trust, as we are lacking of love, because we no longer need to trust what we can get close to, to consume. In that, we become easily deceived, begin to label every view as a “perspective”, and thus, we begin to believe only in ourselves.

In that literal division, a person is no longer close, through trust. When the Coronavirus appeared, it occurred during the height of mutual distrust. Why else did it occur, in China? Why else did it happen, during a time when political upheaval was so focused? Overpopulation divides, when no one can trust who happens to be so close. That is because when overpopulation occurs, which becomes the case that people are physically close to each other, regardless, then trust is not needed. For trust is only ever needed, when we can take a risk.

Quote – “The Definition of Loss” – 7/30/2020

“One does not know the definition of loss, until they’ve learned to love less of themselves, and more of something else. One knows the definition of selfishness, when they’ve taken more value to themselves, and less of everything else.”

– Modern Romanticism

Words – “From Empathy to Hearts” – 11/9/2019

“Can empathy be brutal? Yes. It can be brutal. It can be brutal upon the lover and the loved. Love is an emotion that stirs night into day, until the star we carried in our minds, is lingering above our drunken faces. We will deny love as long as possible, until it begins to hunt for us.”