Quote – “Love, the Inextinguishable Flame” – 8/4/2020

“As humans manifest their power in terms of numbers, it is love that remains the oneness.

In a scenario where a human believes they can bury their memories beneath the grave, hurl the past behind, it is simple denial.

A human denies the ‘existence’ of God, in the same way that they deny their own grief, knowing the memory unable to die. It is love that cannot die. For what thing ‘exists’ that had already died, though still lives on in the heart? If God is described to be eternal, then it is love, the same way.

Love remains inextinguishable, due to that it cannot suffocated by the numerous grain of soil, or sand, when buried beneath it all. We cannot hurl the past behind, nor can we drown it. We cannot simply forget what hurts, that was once loved.”

– Modern Romanticism