Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “During when a Man is Consumed with Wrath” – 8/25/2019

August 25, 2019

“As a man is God, and as God is a father, any beginning He has created that is not heeding His own words, is met with wrath. From Man to Woman, Man will become furious, and his pain will elevate itself, when Woman speaks during when Man speaks. The monsters howls, not to merely indicate it as a monster, but to also reveal pain, infinite pain, because what had begun had not ended pleasantly. The monster roars and howls, most of all, to tell the world through such a loud call, that it demands death and blood. An idiot Psychologist will say to Man that he is wrong to spout anger, though the idiot Psychologist will never figure it to be the most inevitable thing, the most inevitable sight, and the most justifiable thing. Allow the monster to howl, and allow Man to shout, and Woman should be silent in this matter, because Man comprehends, as the monster, that everything he has begun, is now turning him twisted. He screams out of pain. She is silent to hear it. Man, and God, is wrathful, because no one has heard him.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Emotion” – 8/16/2019

August 16, 2019

“The emotion is alike the beast. Too wild to be free at the ultimate state, and too large to be truly caged. We, as humans, cage animals, for we cage emotions. We, as humans, believe ourselves to be beyond emotions. We, as humans, both cage ourselves, and the emotions we will enclose in our heart. The emotion is alike the beast. When free, it will roam, and we then have allowed it to escape us. We are without humanity through this action. The emotion should, in fact, be kept on a leash. With only enough freedom for movement, and enough control of the master to pull it backwards. The leash, however, is never unbreakable. For the emotion may be the beast with wings, or the beast with strong legs. Allow it to be truly free, and it will escape into total darkness. The master will search, being forced to search a void.”

Poem – “The Wrath of God” – Biblical/Romantic

July 22, 2019

Fill me with the energy,
To attack a traitor.
I saw her playing with power,
Under the sun.
Under her round moon,
A face of many.
Ovular as eggs,
To plant creation into a nest,
A bosom white,
Dropping the hued-red apples.

Though, she’s betrayed all of love,
All of the safety from a ruler.
She faces the wrath of God.
The downpour from His hand;
The Hand of God constructs decimation,
Among the fertile land.
Love, I would, but I strike the fever,
And lash it from existence.

What beauty to lift,
When now, strips of flesh?

What flesh to bury,
Beneath soil and bone,
When now, she’ll be scattered?
The wrath of God is all-honest,
All devoted to the disconnection.
My misery starts when unfurled.

I come upon her with a frenzy,
A makeshift testimony
An unparalleled ceremony,
Of bloodied tides and powdered teeth.
A loveliness!
I hold a body covered in crimson sheets.

I held a power,
The wrath of God.
And now is held a guilt,
All too natural.
For my death,
Will be by hands of my own.