Quote – “When Angers Affects your Judgement…” – 6/10/2020

“Of all I’ve grown angered for, it has always been clear in mind that through grief, a person has no clarity. A resolution, a solution, an answer is not met when one is swamped by their own anger, stemming from their own grief. Why has it been, even in recent days, that one movement will decide the solution for a problematic manner, through their grief? Even not in the direct knowledge for who has been lost, there is grief. There was a connection, an understanding of childhood, of culture, of tradition, and there was felt grief for the loss. No anger can stabilize a mind, when it does the opposite. The expression of anger will always cause destruction. Calmness writes these words. Angers expresses a pain, though only breeds more pain, and then, more anger.”

– Anonymous

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