The Senseless Belonging

To mourn love, by fallen, endeavors,
One somber love, I had held, forever.
Near to, the icy river,
That flows the beauty’s giver.

She sought, for an empire,
I sought, for her desire.
My weakness fled, the numbered rocks,
By finding her tangled, in locks.

Such tresses, that were many,
Fought through sadness, plenty.
She gave wickedness, to a hand,
Near this shore, in this frozen land.

These stones, I had observed,
Swelled the failures, to blur.

To drink the nectar, free from wine,
Her blood-red horror, sweet as mine.

The tempest began, to languish,
In currents, of withered wishes.
Near to me, to question longing,
Dreams for she, senseless belonging.

I obeyed, your courted blessings,
They, that played, for ornate yearnings.

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