While Her Heart Beats

You were the woman, who awoke, among strangeness,
Death, had divided your territory; life, had conquered you.
Beauty nestled itself, in the fragrance, of your neck,
Love crept upwards, to your lips, and laid kisses, deep.

In the strangeness, of my strength,
That which, would not wane,
All beauty, I tore, with bare hands,
Blood rose, to meet, my nostrils,
An enemy, I made, of myself,
Now bowing, to dine, upon hell.

I loved, with the music, of murder, and the torment, of guilt,
Death was the treat, of my sadistic art,
And the pill, that gave me pleasure.

I see with eyes, so bright,
A being, pale, and cold.
I melt into, the taste, of skin,
And fall upward, to a rising spirit.

Pain laid gently, on my conscience,
Soon to feel, for the next union,
Of another heart, that beat slowly, no more.

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