“Veiled by Sorrow, beneath Murk and Wave” – Poem

Beauty was left unseen, for her, to satiate,
To satiate, all that left her, in sorrow,
Beneath the might, of my murk, and wave,
A growing fire, that made, me slave.

A glow for a heart, that was slender, and raw,
I fled to the other end, of an island,
And saw with eyes, her dusty shadow,
The pain that draws, close in shallows.

I made my way, to the earth’s end,
And found a place, for her hiding,
I grew fruit, in ample condition, new and true,
Afore the mast, peeled over dark soil, to undo.

To undo her heart! She was birthed, in nothingness,
A true misery, unfolded the clasp,

For my melted mark, to sate the yearning,
For my anguished heart, to bury mourning.

My child, as you feel the agonies, leaving you,
Know the grief, that were the truest feelings, plaguing you.

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