“The Grove and Ivory Flesh” – Poem – Romantic

I saw beneath lashes, masked by shadow,
The beauty, of unfathomable lust,
She drew a finger, in my direction,
So that I’d lay, beneath ivory flesh.

Never was there, an emotion so exquisite!
As the one laid, upon my heart,
Enough, so that she cared, to comfort,
Its undying beat.

She drew across, three fingers, to her bosom,
So that three orbs, were revealed,
Two breasts,
And one heart.
For I saw among, her feeble form,
The drowning, of that heart,
Among, such melted ivory.

I forgave, the spite I had concealed,
In spite, of knowing, what had been revealed,
I drew a finger, to a breast,
One of them, for the other, she grasped.
I felt with turmoil, in mind,
The disease, to her fragrant hind.

Her bust, and her groin,
That which, laid upon, my own,
She felt loneliness, and grief combined,
And grew patient, all-the-more.

A beauty, and a pain,
That which, danced among mists
That shielded, a grove,
One that fled, in currents and doves,
One that shouted, to the moon,
“Do not, let me go,
Among the fires, and the ebony!”

And I disobeyed, her plea,
For it rang, too heavily.

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