Introduction to a New Novel – “Title: My Waters for Her Fortress” – Romantic

Have we felt the urge to swim?

The both of us; in raging currents, have we forced ourselves out of line with a scenario? A dismay. A tragedy. A disorientating vision that has made promise after promise turn to failure. Why, my sweet Eveline, has all become disproportioned?

My pain runs in tides, in the hardest heartbeat that knocks against my chest cavity. I am in love, though I don’t know. I don’t know when the next torment shall begin.

A message to a cross, where I will become crucified; to die for the sins committed on my own, over the mistakes where you’ve played a part; I write this message so that it spells a certain word: Eveline. The word that digs a knife into my heart. I love you, and you have been loved, to the new moon and to its return to a darkness. Nothing else is mattering to this time, besides the extraordinary that shall come with us.

A petal I now place on this letter, this message, so that there is replaced upon it an aroma that reeks of sweetness. Alike to your breath, alike to your cheeks, alike to your skin, that shares a scent like an ocean breeze. I have become the one that will make you a crown, when my own is with thorns, and yours will be ivory and gold, and bluest sapphires and reddest rubies. Those who ever mock us, will meet death. Love has an arrow of abruptness, and I will pierce any who speak against our desires; to be one, when the world is apart.

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