Poem – “The Fallen House of God” – Romance

Here, we breathe, disaster,
With our voices, set on high,
As death, surrounds us,
And our might, has departed,
To a stranded shore.

I am in love, only with myself,
A blessing, that has made, me wishful,
A curse, that has made, me lonesome.
What have I, turned upon,
Where will I, turn upon,
Next, when dining upon, a victim?
Will I muse, and take turns, with another?

God has thrown, on my shoulders
A burden, of salvation,
And I rejected it.
Its weight, was too heavy.
Its sight, was too sinister.
Its mattering, too bright.
Its feel, too mustered.

With a curse, drawn backwards,
Into, the sin,
Into, my ravaged den,
Where I scream, over the sun,
I felt the need, to find truth.
Where have I, left it?
Back where, it belonged?

Where has this, selfish side, taken me?
If only to see through, a mirror,
And, to see,
Only myself?
It is the demon, that I hide,
And see, so well,
In eyes, where darkness, blinds the light.

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