Dialogue – “The Rainbow of Discontent” – “To Debunk Pride…” – Pt. 1 – 6/29/2019

Q: In what manner is love absent from the discontented person?

A: The continual desire for change, creates the most related word to change, and that word is “discontent”; and the most related word to “discontent”, is “hatred”. That is because “hatred” when seen without negative expression upon it, is a word that defines “change”. That is because change is a process of discontent, and to be dissatisfied, means to never love.

Q: And where to you believe this mentality has arisen from?

A: It has arisen from an abandonment of God. In the abandonment of God, one abandons love in its truest and purest form. Content and satisfaction are the words related to “love”, and discontent and dissatisfaction are the words related to “hatred”; and all the colors in the world belong in the center of everything, among life. Should we see this in neutrality, “love” is the stillness, and “hatred” is the movement. That is, among “love”, there is rest and comfort, and among “hatred”, there is eagerness and rapidness.

Q: You have referred to the rainbow as the banner of hatred, and this is because “hatred” should be defined as “endless discontent”.

A: For the opposite reason as love will raise one to an infinite height, hatred will decline one, though it won’t be endless. Suicide, from such discontent, especially among those who alter truth, and their flesh, will be enacted from the discontent; and this is due to what pain creates for the soul. Pain is continually offered the question, “When will it end?” And for the opposite, in love, we never question, “When will the love end?” A color is a color of division, and division is never to be unified when the pain cannot be soothed by love. The descent will result in a decline of humanity.

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