Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Definition of Division” – Political Philosophy – 10/11/2019

October 11, 2019

“To imagine division as contrasting from subtraction, and then multiplication as contrasting from addition, is to see the family for addition, and for division to subdue addition or the family into division. Then, to see death as the fear for a populace that struggles among survival, will see multiplication and arrogance, resulting from a fear of death, as in the realm of ‘mass production’.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Definition of Truth” – Philosophy on Art – 10/11/2019

October 11, 2019

“Atheism is a place of mind that believes in the Bible as lies, as the Romans did, during when they scarred Christ’s flesh. Relate now, truth to the same definition as flesh, and when truth is denied, flesh is always scarred. What derives from this, is change. From truth, to unrecognizable abnormality. Truth, or flesh, is meant to be clean, direct, and without damage. With damage, there is a lie, there was vulnerability upon Christ’s skin, ‘proof’ that Christ, or truth, could not withstand the blows from the scourge whip upon him. From the beating upon him, the Romans attempted to prove the vulnerability of truth, and succeeded. For Atheism to believe in the Bible as lies, is only in the same mindset as the Romans; that is, to ‘deny the truth’, becomes a belief in comfort, and science. Science creates changes, changes distort truth. Science creates question, and continued question from the Power of Reason, is never met with direct and clean answers.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Delicate Ways of Truth” – Philosophy on Art – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

“Truth is mere flesh. Flesh is mere exposure of truth. Undo the knots from clothing to show flesh, and you show everything expected to be concealed, until the proper moment. Everything becomes a shock in such a moment. Everything becomes a loss, and then we behold a world where truth is only ever perceived to be subjective. And, in such a world, we forget what sees truth: the eyes of love.”

Poem – “Of Scarlet Lips and Tranquil Eyes” – Romance – 10/6/2019

October 6, 2019

Devour nectar, and split belief in two
Sides to one Devilish coin,
With a man’s face engraved on both ends.

You have a face that screams of envy,
To the mockery of defeat,
To a man who has lost a treasure.

With arms bare and white,
And heart struck with fright,
Beauty lashes your immaculate back,
And wins the struggle from your sight.

The flesh to which we capture,
Is lost for Man, is lost for truth,
And of you, who screams the words before an altar,
The “I do”, to you, and only you,
Your eyes are tranquil before wisdom,
Before the logic that straightens
All the vessels of your heart.

I mock the lot,
Of beauty’s keepers,
They cultivate gardens,
For their fragility.

Before you die,
Show scarlet lips to a priest,
And then, to a dog
That possesses the mange and gargles
On its own parasites,
On ticks and worms and flies.

To a dog, you will become
A rapist of beauty.
Find family in that emptiness,
In the uncertainty of Man,
That you have devised,
In those you despised.

Words of Wisdom – “The Difference Between a Truth and a Lie” – Political Philosophy – 10/5/2019

October 5, 2019

“The very difference between a truth and a lie, is that truth is always shocking, while a lie is always convincing. If one is being asked whether what one has said is convincing or not, they are being manipulated. And, there is no greater display of manipulation than a spiderweb, for a spiderweb holds itself as the definition of complexity. No one easily embraces the simple truth. The ‘simple truth’ become simple, when it has finally been embraced, and it creates that simplicity through its own cleansing. But, of a lie? People are continually adding complexity to their own lives. Therefore, a lie is always so easily embraced.

Whatever forces were founded to create this modern way of ‘convenience’ are also the creators of lies. ‘Convenience’ creates the innumerable, and the innumerable are things created without time. Those who create mass production, in favor of provisions to a populace, are the creators of a lie in the abstract. Both examples translates to ‘Men who spawn without thought’. It is because as truth is always shocking, this would make truth require the patience to both decipher and accept. Like a father whose seed has been planted, would require that ingredient of ‘patience’ to wait for the child to be released from the womb. Contrast this, to a factory that spawns the infinite, in an instant.”

Words of Wisdom – “Truth and Lies, & Black and White” – Political Philosophy – 9/29/2019

September 29, 2019

“The idea behind a lie is to tell it from a distance. The idea behind truth is to tell it in closeness. A leader who speaks from the shadows and garners no attention to him, is a leader of lies. A leader who speaks with boldness, and garners the most attention, is a leader of truth.”

Philosophy – “A Critique on the Existence of Journalism” – Dialogue – 9/22/2019

September 22, 2019

Q: What strikes your pity to be so prominent?

A: It is because whenever I see a person aiming to engage in Journalism, I see no more than the smile of insanity or excitement. Logic is never in the equation of Journalism, nor in its existence, and femininity has merely encompassed it, like a spread of peanut butter on a slice of bread.

Q: What makes you intolerant towards Journalism?

A: Journalism resonates upon its sole ingredient: excitement. The thrill of the chase after the truth, is much different than a spread of directions, a spread of paths, as this relates more to the lie. A lie is complex, as are emotions, and each emotion is a different path. The source of the confusion comes from simply witnessing these emotions in their drama. Unless someone has the idea of writing of lost cats or children with sore legs after kicking a ball, there will be the crudeness of engaging in the lie, itself.

Q: What is the lie, itself?

A: The definition of a lie is simple complexity. A complexity that creates numerous paths, this is a lie. A deception, that is easily convincing, marks the essence of the emotion. Journalism strikes me as the only weapon that employs this. The usage of emotions, and never the consolation towards them. The witnessing of tears or fear, for the sake of the camera, makes it a reality, despite both the emotions and the presence of a camera making the scene an unreality. The viewer had not been there, though viewed the deception through a lens, and it all becomes a mere “perception”.

Q: What do you make of perceptions?

A: It is the one-sided story, the essence of the debate, the source of division, as each “perception” created from a sight upon a television screen, creates the feeling of loneliness, separation, and anxiety. Each viewer of a screen has been deceived, and now they are the victims from which deception creates puppets. Each string, that is, from the puppet master, marks each separate path towards an emotion. A puppet is only a representation of a lifeless corpse, without the strings. With the strings, the puppet is seen to be wild. It moves, though is still lifeless and without a soul.

Q: And back to Journalism?

A: In utilizing the ingredient of excitement, truth is always ignored. Truth is never discovered in this scenario. A Journalist will be so intent in “rushing within the rush”, so to speak, that they will never make an attempt to look for truth. They rush, lost in the crowd of both spectators and those who perceive, that they remain concealed. Most of them are rushed on caffeine, creating a further “fast-paced” attitude, marking them as the perfect vessel to be the perfect puppet. The wild one, is like a corpse reanimated.

Q: What more of Journalism?

A: A complexity is merely an emotion, and each emotion creates deception. Each person conflicted with a “mental illness” is lied to, whether by Psychiatrists, or by their own thoughts. A simple cure, such as a pill, is still alike the simple cure, that is suicide. The remedy is never to become a robot, though to use logic to uplift those deep in their emotions. It is because, whether it be depression or simple fear, there is calmness that reveals itself as more daunting than the fear, itself.

Words of Wisdom – “The Idiocy in Desiring Immortality – Pt. 2” – Philosophy on Life – 9/20/2019

September 20, 2019

“Through being immortal, each reality would become a vision through this Godhood. It would be each reality from death. We’d not experience Love, in this, because our immortality would become a new contagion. It’d be a dream, to be a God, though in this perfection, we’d not know Love, because Love is empty without its counterpart, that is Death. We’d even pray to ourselves, through being immortal, and perhaps see how miserable God is, not comprehending whether He has created himself, or if a demon has created Him. And, we’d pray to wonder whether if we’re in Heaven or still upon Earth. Earth, meaning Life, would be renamed Heaven, full of Gods, and an infinite amount of martyrs. Most of all, we’d see nightmares as real as when we were fools to deny God, and we’d see our creations becoming married to us; and that means, that nightmares, not a dream for life, but a dream for death, would be a vision for that immortality. This is to say that over life being raised, we’d raise demons, we’d raise the creatures from Hell; or, in more contemporary terms, we’d raise the people who murder, the people who slash their own wrists, and misery would be our life.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Faded Reality” – Philosophy on Art – 9/18/2019

September 18, 2019

“During when reality fades before the eyes of the artist, that is when reality has collided with the imaginative. There is no Individualism among art, when the artist has fused himself in with reality. One cannot imagine reality, nor can one devise or alter it. There are only two polarities to this scenario, and to tamper with reality, even as an attempt, creates monster after monster. That is, the artist reveals the painting as a photograph, and shows to viewers the memory of humanity as completely uncivilized. As completely uncivilized, humans were beasts, and though are still beasts, the imagination, in this, becomes neglected, and reality becomes the most denied thing. Reality is denied, through this, while imagination meets negligence, because such a memory of what humans attempt to ignore, is now the downfall of the needed illusion to what has made humans even partially the creatures of goodness. The artist, therefore, must be the artist of the imagination, not the artist who mimics reality. The artist, therefore, must not remind us. To not remind us, refers to how art must always be the attempt to escape from reality. It is because reality is the most horrifying thing, and each monster invented was not invented through reality, but through the tampering of reality. The illusion, is not the imaginative, but the shield before the mirror, the denial of something in between ourselves and reality. An experience, that is, is what we always deny. To feel, to engross, to believe, makes the artist as God, and God as an artist. God is neither Man, nor monster, nor a creation of humans. He is merely an experience to which humans perpetually deny to be anything like reality.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Nature of the Shock” – Philosophy on Art – 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019

“As truth translates to the recognition of it, it would be received with calmness. And of everything relating to ugliness, such would relate to the feeling of shock, perhaps at the time when a mother has discovered her child, being dead.

All art that presents shock to a viewer, does not present beauty. That is because beauty relates to life, and life, when recognized to be loved, has been protected, and did not change.

Everything related to change, relates to hatred. Everything related to life, relates to truth, relates to originality, relates to the origin, relates to a woman, relates to flesh. Everything related to stillness, relates to the capturing of life. We would not be shocked at recognition, but recognize our own ability to recognize life; though, we would be shocked at death, because death comes at an instant, in representation of how death enveloped life.

It is because, for each heart beat, there will be the instant to which the heart stops. We are shocked at death, because death relates to the instant, whereas love relates to the infinity.

The opposite from death is love, not life.

Life should, therefore, be shrouded in the blackness of birth, of love, not the blackness of death.”