Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “Worth is a Judgement” – 8/12/2019

August 12, 2019

“Has the bottle of wine knowledge of its worth without the connoisseur to name it? Has the book that has been translated extensively knowledge of its own worth, or even of the worth of knowledge within it, without another to name it? No.

Those who say that the one can only define themselves, are wrong.

This is the mindset of a someone who believes them to be the last person remaining on earth. That they have defeated all opponents, are safe because no one dares to challenge them, and the status they place upon themselves is ‘free to roam’.

They are people who have awoken to find themselves standing as the ruler to every forest and every lake. That is, they are the epitome to every fragment of arrogance a human has ever displayed, either spoken by word, or revealed by gesture of hand.

Where is the contentment in knowing that one’s own worth is only judged by the self? These are people who believe themselves incapable of being controlled or dominated. It opens up vulnerability, and even of themselves, they are unable to contain their own weaknesses.

That is, again, a belief in the comfort of loneliness. Sheltered by either a corner, or by complete darkness, that is the soul of such a person.

They are also people to believe that a friend is the only sort of person to ever show honesty. This is an untrue assumption.

One’s enemy will show more truth than ever a friend will speak of it. That is because one always avoids their vulnerabilities. That is to say that such people always lie to themselves. In every battle a human faces, or every trial, or every discipline, there is always discovery. That is to say that the greatest of discovery always comes from knowing one’s enemies.

And within a world with a mindset that tells the individual to only trust friendship, and to be the only one to define themselves, makes the individual without discovery. They are stagnant. And when something is stagnant for too long, it begins to decline.

To imagine the object when it rises, it must stay still for a moment, before it descends.

Such truth from an enemy is always greater than ever a friend will show. How is this? It is because a friend is already known. An enemy is unknown, and most certainly because he’s always avoided.

And most of all, a friend will never be fully honest with their own friend, will be fearful of speaking directly about another’s flaws, for fear of becoming their enemy.

From an enemy, worth is judged.

From a friend, worth is stagnant, and age never carries along the maturity one is supposed to manifest of themselves, through wisdom.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Artist’s Vision of Reality” – 8/12/2019

August 12, 2019

“The artist has a singular vision of reality. Such a vision provokes reality to move. Although, the artist has a liking to pick up reality to perhaps drag it. As well, the artist has a liking to make reality writhe in pain, or echo some cry of thrill. Nothing prevents the artist from showing movement.

And for what purpose does this movement conceive its own definition? That definition is the purpose of evil. Art is not evil. It is merely an interpretation of life. Of all what stays inside life, it is the birth of potential. Had Hitler’s mother known of what evil she’d birth? Had Caesar’s mother known of what power she held in her womb?

Art does not convey love. It conveys truth. It conveys the reality made into truth. For reality is nothing more than a stagnant image, and perhaps the blank canvas, before the artist makes life from it. It is the empty womb, the darkened hallway, before there is a child nestled within, or torches lit upon the walls.

Love is a stagnation. Death is a stagnation. And the artist does not convey these things, for these things do not display movement. We are contented in these two things. We want for no more, when either in love or dead, or close to death. For love, we willingly submit. For death, we are forced to submit. And for both, life has no hold upon us.

What is life? It has been said to hold the definition of ‘worth’ or ‘value’ and such things are only ever measured through age. The ‘existence of time’ becomes an existence, when we are able to see life for its truth.

When we speak of evil, we speak of that life, and its discontinuance. We speak of the constant discontent. For a human can only ever be contented when willingly content, or when in love, or when forced to be content, or when near death.

Truth is a middling. Love is a higher. Death is a lower.

We, as humans, are always middling, no matter our ambitions.

It is because when love interferes with the dictator, he is no longer a dictator. He soon renounces his ambitions, and settles in with a wife, while people still pound on his door to murder him.”

Words of Wisdom – “Diversity Among the Artist” – 8/3/2019

August 3, 2019

“There is nothing so deplorable as never having a focus, never having a certainty, and never having an identity. It results in confusion, and soon, a desire to be anything, change truth around so you can be that anything, and soon, never be aware that you may have become a monster. Do monsters possess humanity? Sure. How else would they scream to let us know they are in pain? How else would they bleed so we know they can die, so they can be slain? The artist without the brush, is alike to the human without fingers. Without the ability to grasp that which will become us, makes us lifeless and without purpose. However, there should be that focus, that way to distinguish ourselves, as the one person from the next one person. For we can distinguish Van Gogh from Da Vinci, through a mere glance at either artist’s work; though, are we somehow, in a world of ‘anything goes’, able to be both ourselves, and someone else? Would Van Gogh, were he to live in the time of the Renaissance, want to be like Da Vinci, or would his identity in knowing who he is, as Van Gogh, be enough? How does a world function in ‘wanting all’? It must function in terms of envy upon lust, and then, lust upon greed, and then, greed upon pride.

Every deteriorating society always ends with the sin of ‘sloth’, soon as either a man or a woman comprehend that their immediate and focused purpose is lost, has been stolen, or never was.”

Words of Wisdom – “An Expression of Bliss” – 7/21/2019

July 21, 2019

“The artistic expression of utter happiness is the artistic expression of bliss. To combine, however, the sides of Heaven and Hell in the expression, is to then relieve the danger of falling into monochrome neutrality, and the bliss that surrounds lifelessness and denial; for it is to say that the human cannot merely escape from no Hell, to be in an escapism called the art form. Is art today a mere reminder? If so, then of what? Of what Hell, for one person, is there as Heaven? Of what Heaven, for one person, is there as Hell? The expression of bliss becomes, therefore, the middle-ground, where one becomes ensnared in that battlefield between Heaven and Hell, and one is no longer a chooser of sides. There is comfort here, in bliss, it is true; but, the state of being blissful makes one the target, the bull’s eye, to be struck, like practice of weaponry. The middle-ground is neither the balance, nor the happiness, but the state of never comprehending what one has escaped from, nor where one’s destination lays.”

Words of Wisdom – “A World of Personal Irresponsibility” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“To withdraw oneself from the responsibility in their tasks, is to willingly submit to dictation. It is because the gift of ‘responsibility’ is to charge oneself with one’s life. It is leadership, incarnate; responsibility, that is, is the governor, or the tyrant, not upon the other, but upon the personal action. What one disregards, when it comes to responsibility, is their inevitable submission before the dictator. The leadership of such a dictator, as with all dictators, will be merciless, and in this world of ‘personal irresponsibility’, there is no more a dictator desires, than first, his succession, and next, his ability to stomp a rebellion or an uprising, back beneath the soil.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Truth upon the Lie; and the Lie Upon the Truth” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“All truth cleanses, though is rarely embraced. When it is embraced, it creates no complexity as would the lie. When truth is embraced, it creates simplicity, born from realization. When a lie is embraced, it creates the intricate weaving within the heart, of all branching veins, and many paths. Confusion surmounts from the lie, as does unlimited question. Reason is the governor to the lie, while faith is the governor to the answer. The truth, when buried and deemed to be ‘obsolete’ only recedes beneath the soil, and awaits the next species to undertake answer, over endless question. It is because the answer is never complex. It is an end result. It is the path where content should be met, and kissed upon her cheek, and embraced around her waist.”

Poem – “My Lady, with Crooked Smile” – Romance

July 11, 2019

Falter, as I see fit to falter,
Smile, as you’ll see you’ll ought to smile,
Dance as the moon changes shape,
Fall as you’ll do upon the day of your death.

Beauty is over you,
It has run off with the next,
The next admirer.
Make me a flower,

Covered in ivory melt,
Make me a bed,
Whisked from danger’s threads.

Sing me a song,
Oh, fairest damsel,
Sing me that song.
The one where glaciers shine rotten
Specks of unspoken misery.
The one that bleeds like you do.

Tell me with truth,
Am I in love with something of worth?
Love has always been a shape,
Not a torn smile,
But a vivid one.
Never that which I could not perceive,
To be the shape of a scar,
The one that I’ve not ever recognized.

We are lovers with nothing bared,
We are sinners with no one paired,
Between our arms,
With every alarm.
Each of our sights,
Are bred for the heated love,
One that is most beautiful,
When we share in our plights.

Tell me truthfully, without the smile,
Are you cunning, or are you truthful?

Words of Wisdom – “Honesty” – 7/2/2019

July 2, 2019

“A connection, a true connection, is heart to heart, eye to eye, and full of honesty. For honesty holds only one definition, and that definition is to either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question. Do you, or do you not? And you respond with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. That is honesty. Otherwise, you inevitably evade the question with a slew or barrage of explanation and context. No one bothers to hear such verbiage when there should be simple honesty.”

Dialogue – “The Rainbow of Discontent” – “To Debunk Pride…” – Pt. 1 – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

Q: In what manner is love absent from the discontented person?

A: The continual desire for change, creates the most related word to change, and that word is “discontent”; and the most related word to “discontent”, is “hatred”. That is because “hatred” when seen without negative expression upon it, is a word that defines “change”. That is because change is a process of discontent, and to be dissatisfied, means to never love.

Q: And where to you believe this mentality has arisen from?

A: It has arisen from an abandonment of God. In the abandonment of God, one abandons love in its truest and purest form. Content and satisfaction are the words related to “love”, and discontent and dissatisfaction are the words related to “hatred”; and all the colors in the world belong in the center of everything, among life. Should we see this in neutrality, “love” is the stillness, and “hatred” is the movement. That is, among “love”, there is rest and comfort, and among “hatred”, there is eagerness and rapidness.

Q: You have referred to the rainbow as the banner of hatred, and this is because “hatred” should be defined as “endless discontent”.

A: For the opposite reason as love will raise one to an infinite height, hatred will decline one, though it won’t be endless. Suicide, from such discontent, especially among those who alter truth, and their flesh, will be enacted from the discontent; and this is due to what pain creates for the soul. Pain is continually offered the question, “When will it end?” And for the opposite, in love, we never question, “When will the love end?” A color is a color of division, and division is never to be unified when the pain cannot be soothed by love. The descent will result in a decline of humanity.

Words of Wisdom – “The Absence of Truth… reveals the Skeleton, showing Death” – 6/25/2019

June 25, 2019

“Truth is the covering upon death. A skeleton is the exposure beneath flesh, and in the search for truth, in the search for identity, there will be a skeleton soon to be shown. There will be death. There will be a skeleton, revealed. Why is this? It is because, in the turning away from love, there is soon the flesh to be seen; and then, in the search for truth, beyond God’s touch of love, there is the belief that suffering will become the new form of equality. The victims of a society will be there for the creation of equality. It is because when God made equality through love, truth was met with modesty. Then, when God was discarded and made ‘obsolete’, truth was searched after, until made distorted and unrecognized. Beauty was seen as business, because business makes use of chaos. Soon, such ‘victims’ of society will be there, and expose their flesh enough to see beneath. They and their alterations, through cash and plastic, through money and oil that are the treasures of wealth from the earth, a skeleton will be revealed.”