The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “The Fulfillment of Danger” – Romance – 9/12/2019

Upon and above nearest curves,
To a lane fixated by the smallest of signs,
There I see my fate so transfixed,
Upon my cruelest endeavor.

To take away all that is shown,
Under the rails,
And in the bowels of that beast,
That beast who shows himself,
To lack a soul,
To lack a spirit,
To lack the beauty that may be within reach,
So that I may tear it asunder.

Your ideals,
The ones the beast has made so ripe,
The ones the beast, as a wall
Has made so unfortunate

I only aim to love and to be true,
To know and to be loyal,
To some miserable end,
But, fate strangles and smiles
With the most wicked teeth,
Sharp as all stings of life.

Make me mine upon you,
Make yourself yours upon me,
I will do the same,
To make you mine,
As I become one for you.
A beautiful bleed this road has revealed.

A world so fixed onto the claws
Of a grievous life,
Of a disaster met,
Of a dream once guarded,
And somehow ravaged,
By a beast, by a man, with strange desires.

There are sins left unnoticed,
In today’s time.

There are games left not played,
On the fields of battle.

I am for a woman, as she is to me
The world for its subways and lights,
The paths and the endings,
The funeral to not come,
And the marriage that is destined to bloom.

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