Poem – “Your Tears Fall as the Morning Dew” – Romance – 9/27/2019

Come decked in ivory,
Blessed face of old beauty.
I am beside you, in chair of wood,
To and fro, it motions with the pull and push,
Of this arid wind.
Love has made it clear,
To feed us the wine of it.
Redness is but a color of my blood,
And yet, only life has been the leech,
To drain our paradise.

A home, to which we’ve built for our occasions,
Our hearts, our love, our crimson,
Our faces have the lips where permanent marks remain,
From kisses made deep.

I have forever been in love, with you,
Though, your tears fall now with this morning
And the droplets upon the blades of grass,
The gleam of the dew blinds me.

The gleam of your cheeks,
Captivates me.
The gleam of your eyes,
Soars me,
Across Heaven’s glades,
And the orchards,
And the groves.
You’ll fall upon me, like those tears,
That do reach your open palms.
Your beauty is so old,
Yet, it dances with as much youth,
As the Earth.

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