Part 1 – “A Man’s Conscious & Subconscious Mind” – Psychology – 1/27/2020

A man’s conscious mind demands that he gains in order to impress. This occurs first and foremost, for his subconscious mind demands that he passively search for love, and for the rest he desires most. A man’s weakness comes from his own subconscious, because his conscious mind had always been compelling him towards trivial gains, that lean upon the feeling of ambition and desire. His conscious mind is a place of activeness, where the desire for material gain, is enough for him to understand that upon falling in love, will make him realize the triviality of those gains.

True love, for a man, will make him realize that from his conscious mind, there had been a lust for materialism, that should not be seen in the love, itself. Should he cheat on his beloved, then his subconscious has indeed reverted itself to the conscious mind, and from this, his conscious mind is now in the period of criticism. Love, for a man, dwells in the subconscious, and he will, if he heeds his own weakness, not want for more. A brief few moments holding the form of his beloved, will remind him of that.

To comprehend what the conscious mind, for a man, truly represents, then it is to define it as lust. The subconscious, however, for a man, represents love. And, he offers it to the lost woman. For within a woman’s conscious mind, she is actively searching, is actively curious, over the many things in the world, before her heart becomes penetrated by something genuine. Love, for a woman, is the feeling of her being “found”, and from being found, she becomes “possessed”. And, through a man’s undying loyalty, she will no longer want for more if that loyalty remains.

A man’s loyalty comes from him understanding that he is weak before her or in remembrance of her, though is strong against anything between them two. For he knows that the only thing meant to be between them two, is the love, itself, as the light within the palms of held hands.

To his subconscious mind, there is only his weakness, his desire to kneel himself low for forgiveness, in the name of his guilt, should he have committed some error. To a man, love is the emotion that makes him renounce all ambition, and all desires that stemmed from his conscious and aware mind.

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