An Observation – “The Definition of Quality” – Psychology – 1/28/2020

Quality has an enemy, and that enemy is called “repetition”. Repetition is, of course, on the side of quantity, though it is the one thing that kills quality. It is so, because to imagine if the United States were to pay off its debt by simply printing out more currency, the dollar bill would eventually lose its value. To imagine, as well, if one were to eat the same food, such as chicken noodle soup for an entire month, would make one sick of eating it.

The example with chicken noodle soup is not the same as if one were to see their child, every day of their lives, and never tire of their presence.

A child, versus food, is the same as the difference between something that is easily seen as quality, versus something that is easily seen as quantity. Sure, food can be qualitative. But, to see a child as quantity, is the same as to define “slavery” as having the same meaning as “force”. That is, one must “force” their vision to see a child as a tool, not a human, as quantity, not quality. At the same time, one must “force” their vision to see the food as quality, not the quantity that sustenance was made for, so that the body survives. This is to say that we “force” ourselves to see food with quality, and human beings with quantity. Though, we will naturally see food with quantity for survival, and human beings with quality for love’s own sake.

Repetition, however, against quality, kills the quality to be worthless. For to see a human as a tool, will run dry their utility until they are as the broken tool. Worthless.

Does one grieve over the loss of food, were it to be wasted? It would be only in an environment were food is treasured more than the comfort of a human. In a realm of survival, food would be treated for its quantity to feed numerous mouths, though would be neglected for its quality. In a realm of comfort, human beings would be treated for their ability to comfort, and thus, quantity would matter little. For why would a human require to be viewed like a number, when such a thing, in terms of either survival or development (reproduction) is unneeded?

Art is destroyed by repetition, same with all other things made to be quality. Although, the gift of humanity is not something so easily destroyed by a number. It can be hidden, or asleep, though always comes back in the most exquisite form, to surprise us, and tell us that it cannot be suppressed without failure.

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