Novel Concept/Current Project – “A Dream once Loved” – Romance – 2/9/2020

Frenchman, and a hardened veteran to a life of loss, as each thing lost had always been familial to him. His mother, drowned. His father, dead by his own hand. There comes to this Frenchman, a lesson learned in love, through the eyes of a beautiful woman.

Of a sudden, his heart opens up, like closed doors, to the feeling of pain.

But, to his confusion, the pain seems different. Love is now a shock to him, a place so alien, though the gentleness of this woman has met him with a dream, to see her always alive.

A dream, where loss is not something to be tolerated. Love is now for this man, a realm he both cannot escape from, and a realm he’ll now allow himself to sink within, to discover everything. His heart has opened to the softness of love. His heart, so hardened by loss, is now loosened of each attached chain, so that it runs free, among where he can be innocent like a child.

And, he becomes weak before her kindness. Like when she touches his chin, upon when he is on his knees, in tears, and leans herself down to kiss his quivering lips, he aches.

Would such weakness be his poison, or come to him as the recollection for what is important?