Philosophy – “The Meaning Behind the Fall of Man” – 9/25/2022

“Feminism has inadvertently implied that men will be to blame for this world’s crisis, in its definition of what it means to fall. To die. To be in love. In essence, to protect and to take the blame for struggle.”

– Modern Romanticism

What does it mean for a man to love? What does it mean when a feminist woman will point out men as the cause to this world’s struggles and crises? Why, it must mean that men are still out to protect a woman, even under philosophies imposed by feminism. To fall. To take the blame. To perhaps, even by a man’s own words (and actions), state and prove that his female partner is not to blame, never allowed hurt, and never to receive the burn of implication. It must be, that if it has been deemed as a sexist view to women that she is “weak”, feminism has attempted to thwart this “societal mindset” to counteract it simply with “who to blame”. If men are to blame, then men are still sexist, are they not? Or nature is simply upholding its fundamentals, by proving that feminism has not accomplished anything, other than paint a different color onto a merely perceived issue.

Men cannot be inherently sexist, if even feminism is admitting that men should protect a “weak” woman, because he is to blame, not her. In that case, sexism does not exist, though ignorance does. Feminism would be the source of ignorance, in this, when it misunderstands its own philosophies. In feminism’s attempt to thwart sexism, it has reinforced it. It has reinforced a non-existent notion, being sexism, that in its non-existence, has no meaning among this blatant contradiction. A contradiction that, again, states a man must be held responsible for this world’s issues, though the contradiction lies upon not recognizing that whatever issues of “sexism” a man has, he simply acts according to his nature. And women act according to their nature, though feminism’s philosophies are ignorant of what nature, itself, has structured men and women to be. Men protect women, for this is what feminism, itself, believes. Though, this might be its own reason for becoming increasingly radical. Its increased radicalism has resulted from fighting against an incurable “issue”. For what mad scientist doesn’t become maddened, if not because of needing to resort to more drastic measures because all other methods have proven ineffective?

Men fall for women. Whether to die for her, or to be in love with her, he will fall. He will even fall, under her deception, when it is feminism that has revealed its own ignorance for its own philosophies. Men fall, because they are fated to. Men fall, because they cannot fall, by themselves, without losing purpose and dying in vain. Men go to war, because they want to die. Men love women, because they want to see how long they can last. A man proves his strength without understanding it, while a woman will blame a strong man because deception is a trait of ignorance. Even when falling, a strong man found purpose in doing so. Even though painful, a man protects. Even when blamed, a man protects. A man is strong, because he realizes he is cursed to be.

Quote – “Why Men Die more than Women” – 6/29/2021

“Look at me,” says the man, continuing to speak from his heart, “I’m always fighting for what will one day fade, always holding onto what will one day pass between my fingers. Why do I do this?” It was his mentor he spoke to, also his friend, also the one who is dying before him. A teacher, a healer, and now a symptom to his confusion. That latter man responds, “Who knows? Maybe we’ll both find the answer when we move on.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “When a Man can Become Cruel” – 6/21/2021

“It is the monster who hides his wounds, in the dark. It is the monster who had others attempt to slay him, and further he is pushed into the dark. The same monster had once loved, though fought for too much that now he finds warmer shelter in the dark. Rather than in a pair of arms, consolation is found where the wounds are hidden. A howl to the moon. A cry during the night. His wounds are never kissed, as his cries are never hushed. This pain is hidden, because the cure is never sought. The cure is never sought, because the monster lies to himself in the reflection to his own blood pools. He sees new familiarity in everything now changed, to not return back to former days.”

– Modern Romanticism

Somewhat Personal – “How a Person Genuinely Becomes Fearless… though, with Consequences” – 5/9/2021

“Through fear, a person learns to move. As it is always ‘through’ fear, to be past it, not within it, that life stirs itself inside its own veins. It will be fearlessness, attained, when a person learns to ably spill some blood off their own veins, without tears to add.”

– Modern Romanticism

No one is left alone, without feeling alone. Though, the gullible nature of a simple child, who might find themselves to love themselves, in their mindset of adolescence, have not felt fear. It is fear that stirs life, within its veins. Though, past it, and life is swimming down such crimson cylinders. Then, to lose some of such blood, should not be with the wince, nor with the tears, for that is not fearlessness.

To be numb at the apprehending feeling of fear, before the face of death, is a sign of truest fearlessness.

To live in the fear for another, never for the self, is to know how to be fearless when the self does not matter. That is how such fearlessness is attained. When the self does not matter, manifold injury may be stuck against one’s flesh, and the pain is given more with the response of, “If it is just me, then let it be so.”

This is fearlessness. To be afraid is to be such, for another. Then, to be afraid for the self, is to be a coward. If to be concerned for another is to make one afraid, then one has learned to both love and to be fearless. Content with one’s wounds, and then one is never afraid, for a moment more.

A love, so alike, with the face of another to represent one’s own, that to notice their teardrops will provoke the protector’s face to melt.

Love encourages heroism, not fear. Love, and one learns to be loved. Become the betrayer, and then one learns to resent. Though, one does not know who to resent, when they’ve thought to always live with truth.

Bleed yourself, for another, and then one is fearless, because one’s own bloodstream is not theirs. However, see their blood be flowed, and rage should be inspired in you, the protector’s eyes. Of your own heart which for many years might have pumped the liquids of bravery through you, will always keep you open to this purpose.

The sole consequence is to be left with realizing what remains, should the protector fail.

An avalanche of selfish pain. That is what comes.

Quote – “Why a Man should Protect a Woman” – 5/3/2021

“Does a woman want for deceptive men? Does a woman want for manipulative men? If no, then let him protect you. Be vulnerable around him. If you do not allow these things, then he’ll become the enraged terror, when he’s forced to protect only himself. A man’s honesty only ever surges out of him, whenever he is able to be open, not concealed within himself.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Why a Man’s Rage is his Weakness” – 5/3/2021

“It is not so unbecoming of wrath, itself, to be the curtain above the waters. The flaming shield to the tears, for this is where a man protects himself, in deception. A man lies to himself, in self-preservation.”

– Modern Romanticism

Lies. It is the word a man clings to, whenever he shall be enraged.

Gentleness. The gentleman is one who no longer lies to himself, and in turn, confuses no one else. A man, or gentleman, is honest, is warm, and not ever blazes with the rage to show he cannot confess. His pleas, his darkness, would be hidden behind wrath, concealed by this burning light. No warmth from it, for it blinds, and does not allow another to see the hurt.

And yet, why does a man find addiction in this tempest of rage? It can only be because he’ll cling to strength, even if a false one. Through anger, a man deludes himself to have found strength. Though, they are the shackles upon his wrists. And, he has forsaken all else, perhaps of those he loved, that once gave him true strength.

Love blinds, though it is anger that conceals hurt just as burning oil can be atop a body of water. Love is blinding to the individual, though the burning oil upon the waters can stop us from ever drawing near to the beast. All of hurt that is beneath the flame can be drawn from as a bucket to a well, though who’d trust the beast this much? Who’d love the beast this much? Who’d not hate the beast, for all their supposed worth?

A frozen mountain, waiting to melt, to roll down the tides that were never bled out, from the man, is all to wait for. Though, who would endeavor to lend a hand, before the hurt, that rips the insides apart of the man, would cause him to end it all?

Into the void, he’d jump, before anyone else can find him.

A man’s lies. Or, a man’s confession. For deception, or for unveiled truth, there is this. There is the loss of himself that could be, once more, discovered. He’ll jump within the void, to find it, though shall never come out.

It is to strength that a human, of one who has been there, resided within the dark, can indeed share light if they were brave enough. Who lies, except for the Devil? Who harms, except for those flames of Hell? What is beneath Hell, save for humanity?

Love Quote – “Why a Man Protects a Woman” – 4/18/2021

“There is nothing more repulsive, to the man, than the urge to retreat back to himself. What is himself, if outside of the she whom he loves? If he had loved, then he’ll not love himself, ever again. To truth, there is protection of it. There is concealment of it, of her, of the one he loves. To protect, is to keep modest the vulnerable one from the afflictions of danger. For that is where a man knows truth, and thus, never lies to himself. Why else does a woman wish for honesty from a man? It is because if he is ever honest for himself, then he lies to himself and to her.

A man is most himself when he cares not for himself, and always for her. In love, a man would sacrifice what he cannot ever conceive to be a loss.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love Quote – “My Loyalty” – 4/10/2021

“Is there any wonder why I live? Is there any answer to why I love? For her, I will speak the words of bravery. For her, I will become frail. For her, and for no one else like her, I will break myself a thousand more times, so that she lives.”

– Modern Romanticism

7 Commandments/Reminders/Warnings – How a Man Remains Strong

“Be in charge of yourself, of your emotions.”

“Don’t lose control of yourself, or of what is attached to you being of your personal relationships.”

“Recognize that what is attached to you is also how you protect yourself.”

“You comprehend the ‘cyclical selfishness’ that to protect all attachments, means also to protect yourself. In doing this, you remain strong.”

“Emotions, of the kind that loses control, turns you into the raging monster.”

“Only open up towards those you trust most, when it is the proper time, and only in fullness. Do not open up, in fragments.”

“Convey only expressive and imaginative ideas, of better worlds through the mindset of ambition, with creativity.”

– Modern Romanticism

Controversial – “How Women are Used as Fodder for Power Schemes” – 3/9/2021

“All of politics is born around a hardened structure, with no stains made from tears, no compassion involved without the stead of deception. Involve softness, and its truth is the reveal behind what any politician attempts to conceal.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is the unfortunate nature of this world, that a woman is the essence of what can be manipulated, over what is needed to be manipulated, down to the last child whose mind must be changed from innocence to derangement. Her form, the clay. Her mind, the secondary virginity. The way the world sculpts a woman to see the world, is how all shall view the same “image”.

Lust is the very nature of convenience. Therefore, for everything unneeded to be, a woman is used for the painstaking task of destroying the reputation of certain targets.

Tell it of a man who has an ongoing scandal. Then, why not bring on the slew of women to simply lay the final nail upon his casket, burying him alive under the media’s heated breath of toxicity? If that is convenient for the opposing politician, then why not? If a woman, to your ordinary politician or the political world, deems it within some personal regard to unearth a certain “softness” to make his opposition soaked by it, then he’ll do so. He’ll do so, simply to show the world that truth is somewhere, though just not upon the surface. Love a woman, and then she is nothing like this. Use a woman, and then she can by anywhere she deceives herself to have the freedom to place herself.

Though, should a woman be hated for any of this? No. Her influencers should, instead, be loathed down to everyone’s last fiber of their being.

A woman, beautiful, though made hideous by each filthy hand that wants to twist her image, to then absorb it into their own power structure. Though, one cannot fault the man by how much of an idiot he is. For he is a child, outside of a woman’s embrace, as he is also a fool within it. A fool, a man is, with or without a woman. A fool for a woman, or a fool for without one, as this is his nature.

In this unchangeable world, of our own, to the constant changes about it, it is through a woman’s endless fog of alteration that power finds its necessary to churn every aspect of the world, through herself. To mold the world, power must mold a woman over it. To change a woman’s mind on what is powerful, the world must be altered by previous generations of women. Power does not “employ” a woman for her skills, though for her image in being able to cause constant changes.

And, again, hatred to the woman is unneeded, of course. However, hatred to her slave-drivers, is necessary.

Philosophy – “The Primary Differences Between Men & Women” – 3/7/2021

“Whether for contentment or discontent’s sake, no greater amount of responsibility eases the supposed necessity to remain strong. People always break upon what they lack, never for what they shoulder.”

– Modern Romanticism

How is it a man reveals himself to shoulder all responsibilities? There is only one reason. A man is innately stupid. To want to tackle the world, to change what is discerned by him to be flawed, makes him unwilling to accept that certain things must be viewed through a lens of sameness. It is by no fault of the workforce to hire a man for being himself. Instead, it is by the fault of a man in being stupid enough to be this ambitious, that the workforce would employ this idiocy.

It is by a woman’s simple curiosity to a man’s stupid actions and mindsets, that she no longer shows restraint for indulging in it, herself. No person is “equal” on the matter of being an idiot, same as when no two people die ever at the same exact moment.

It cannot be believed that a woman is content with the increase of excessive responsibility. Though, it can be believed that a woman is better at concealing what could make her content, which would be a lifestyle of simplicity. As well, it can be correctly assumed of the workforce, itself, that it employs the idiocies of people, for advantage’s sake. The workforce, being a system of its own and being unchangeable, employs what changes of people, for only its own betterment of a collection of tools. This “collection” is known as “diversity” among the workforce, as so many would believe that this factor of “representation” expresses a workplace’s growth.

Advantage, from the mindset of an employer, will deceive another to believe that their sheer representation is for the benefit of the company. The only benefit that comes from this is by way of a collection of tools, in contrast from perhaps a garage that displays upon the wall a very limited amount.

Though, a man is as stupid as a woman is curious for his idiotic nature. And, rather than nurturing him when he is not a moron, she would rather indulge in the extravagant decadence of his stupidity. Instead of nurturing him, to create the balance between idiocy and intelligence, a woman of the modern times would rather belong to his nature of being a fool.

It is why a man is told to never weep, because he must stand upright, in the effort of remaining stupid by doing so. As it is, a man questions why he still even walks. This is, again, the foolish nature of himself, of being alive. The dead man is the soldier who fought for something. Whereas, the living woman to the dead man is perhaps still envious of his reasons to live, rather than for why he succumbs to his idiocy.

Love Quote – “Returning Pleasure” – 3/5/2021

“Stripped from your wild self. Your yielding self. Of bare back, bald breasts, and kissable lips… How have others seen you? How can you foresee me, seeing you? Such beauty. Such admirable beauty. A simplicity to the arrangement of your hair. To your fingers, burning at the tips like candleflame. This is special, dear. This is a moment, not wasteful.”

– Peter A.W. Wyatt (Modern Romanticism)