A Quote of Wisdom – “The Pointlessness behind Subjectivity” – 3/25/2020

“Facts and opinions. The former has structure, while the latter doesn’t. What the latter symbolizes is the deconstruction of the former. In each fact, there is a building. In each opinion, there is a piece of a building. Yet, as each person holds their individual piece, individual opinion, individual voice, no one who doesn’t speak loud enough, gets heard. It becomes inevitable that what one must build, is their own building, their own empire, their own structure.

What comes from this, is division. What also comes from this, is endless competition. It is because competition is the opposite of collaboration, that there is this division.

The deconstruction of structure only creates the individual voice so much radicalized, that it is never a union of voices, conjoined through something so powerful as love.”

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