Philosophy – “In the Midst of a Virus, Optimism and Idealism is Best” – 2/6/2021

“Those who support the facts of a world depraved, are those who seek to keep the deprivation steady and continuous.”

– Modern Romanticism

Scientists support facts. Politicians seem to support the scientists. However, doers will be idealistic, even among the pain of not letting the world spin and continuing on with the flow.

There are nations that falter, with their obsessions on realism. These are nations being fed the facts. There are people, in these nations, who are starved of being responsible. Responsible for who? Responsible for their families. Responsible for the historical outlook, with the future generations. How will future generations see us? They will ask, “Why didn’t they move?”

Facts do not move. Facts stand still. They remain. What tackles the evident oppression are always those who are against facts.

There are those who claim their death. Whereas, there are those who speak of wanting to live. This is the difference between cowardice and bravery. One does not tackle a suicide mission without appearing insane to most.

Facts are necessary. However, as all facts are frozen and stiff, the people who dream of betterment forge the movements that get to a destination. The facts do not follow.

The facts remain and the facts remain. Who supports the scientists? What side tells the scientists to feed us facts? That’s whatever side that deserves extermination. Pinpoint it, being of oppression, that they’re the side deserving the condemnation for endangering a world, full of people and their personal goals.

In the world of 2020 & 2021, those who can afford to be realistic are those who can subdue the idealistic. As in, whoever is realistic, during this world, are either cowards or the comfortable. Those of the latter will tell a person, so idealistic, that the world will one day allow them “room to breathe”. We have shown that certain humans are the greater virus, than Covid-19.

Those who can claim to wish for freedom, are the people who are compatible with today’s setting. They can be the ones who bring about the true movements, not the distractions. For no true flood and no true purge of the real threat, can ever be labelled a “distraction”.

No leader can side with facts, though also wish for change.

As it is also the truth, no leader can side with change, though also cling to facts.

In a world full of defeatists and those who bite their nails in fear, optimism is the greatest weapon. Though, in a world full of options and ampleness, there is much room to be realistic and hold onto what one knows.

No one thirsts themselves upon facts, anymore than anyone can drink ice. Does the ice move, except for the glacier that no one pays any attention to? Or, does the flood move more quickly?

Feed the world facts, and then the world will continue to move as slow as a glacier.

For the realists only ever level the outbursts of the overly-idealistic, as they become stilled and calm, like ice. Though, the optimists and idealists will always know their world of water, to pull the realist out from drowning.

Philosophy – “When a Fool Believes in Truth over Facts” – 1/10/2021

“To perhaps the political realm or even the marketing realm, truth is like silver, malleable enough to be twisted into a different shape. Each person will look upon that shape, see something different, though only because the sculptor to truth has molded it that way.”

– Modern Romanticism

Truth is deceptive to the eye of the person who cannot see sameness. For what stays the same in a person, is not like what conceals that underlying universal understanding. If the difference between truths and a fact is the difference between what can change versus what can improve, then it is to truth that changes people while it is to a fact that improves us.

If a fact is logical, then it is truth that is emotional and chaotic. If truth can change to be a different shape to each person’s attention and awareness, then who is the sculptor? Who has placed the deception before sameness? Or, who sees in art, from the “different viewpoint”, just the truth of it, not the sameness that makes the viewer also an artist? Does an artist understand themselves, because they constantly state that no one understands them? If such is the case, then they are the same as what they are, within, to everyone else. A person is loved for being one, not by the differences to which create that chaos and conflict.

If truth is seen as subjective, then the sculptor to it has placed it upon themselves as a cloak or as clothing. If a viewer to the sculptor of that truth only sees something different, then they’ve been deceived into never seeing something that is always the evidence universal between each person. Our evidence, is not the differences that make each person disconnected. We are not to be unique nor proud when we stand alone, for we are always to be humble we are at the same level as when we were created. A person learns, as much as they live.

It is because truth cannot be universal, though a fact can, that everything exterior must be penetrated to create the connection. It can be said of a woman whose virginity has first been pierced, of the physical kind, that a “connection” has been made between man and woman. It can also be said of a woman, as well, that when her “metaphysical virginity” has been pierced, she retains memories to when everything that had occurred to her, for the first time. To this example, it is the same as understanding her, within. Loving not what is said to be beautiful, though what makes perhaps a man and a woman a oneness, is what makes love as the same.

Philosophy – “When Misinformation Loses its Meaning” – 1/8/2021

“By what rule can a person state that information simply not to the pleasure of a certain individual, is wholly misused? Could not certain information instead be termed as ‘misinterpreted information’? As in, only a person of greater intellectual function could universally comprehend what is said to be nonsense?”

– Modern Romanticism

Information is what is regarded in this world as the liberty of “free use”. This means, that it can only be misused when it is misinterpreted. For something to be free, to then only be indoctrinated into specifics, means not misinterpretation, though only misuse of what information is meant to be. Freely used, to be freely considered, in accordance to what a single mind can fathom. However, no information is nonsense, unless it is literally a language an individual cannot comprehend. And, where the term “language” shows itself, is not merely the difference between Japanese or German, as it is also within the intellectual understanding or misunderstanding for what has been stated.

Leadership cannot be good, if it uses information for specifics. That is indoctrination. That is the subtlety in which pertains to what only the mind can fathom, partaken from a very early age. In all things subtle, it is of things most tended to, most needed to be required to see something. This refers to children, who through their lack of understanding to the world, to objective and universal principles, require that external indoctrination, or so it is believed to be meant for them. For no individual grows, when they only ever learn about the group, never of themselves.

Information, being free for the essence of speech or to be penned down on blank paper, will become the filled essence of what is said to be “color”, when it is no longer to the imagination of what a creator makes for an idea. That is, if the creator has no freedom for their expression unto information, then the blankness of a page will become already filled with blackness. We understand that when it comes to information, nothing gives it more control than to the freedom for which a person writes it. Nothing is a lie, when the information is simply permitted.

Philosophy – “Why Representation can go to Hell” – 12/12/2020

“Pride is restricted for the achievement, though only when it bases itself upon selfless acts of objective nobility. Pride is restricted for the self’s own image, though only when it bases itself upon the selfish inactions of both inward and outward negligence.”

– Modern Romanticism

Freedom corrupts itself when it is taken to the materialistic convenience, for a person. Freedom is pure, when we neutrally comprehend it as something pertaining to the heart, of love, for things that break ourselves from confinement. We are free, only when we believes ourselves to be, and never a victim. It is that “freedom” can only be itself, when we never ask for it, never plead for what we already possess. When we never plead for something we innately possess and can share, is when we understand ourselves as always being free. When we do plead for something already possessed, we turn to materialism. Then, “freedom” becomes merely about “who has the most”.

Representation of image is for the sake of sheer vanity. One wishes themselves to be a reflection of how elevated only materialism has made them. They were offered the convenience of being fattened to the point where they always glance upwards at their master. They are the slaves of materialism and convenience. They believe themselves not free, unless someone hands them “attention” upon a platter.

When we state we are victimized, then we are as any fly for the frog’s tongue. When one is fattened, they are soon to be consumed. Metaphorically so, for it is the person who wants more for themselves, who soon possesses no humility left, that another then wishes to become as they are. They become as the disease, spread as lard to make the meal for another’s consumption. As it is, lust is the heat that boils everything able to be consumed. When one consumes, they are soon to be consumed. The slow herd is able meat for the starved carnivore.

Representation of image always reflects back-and-forth mentality of the average consumer, making each person the bread to someone else’s hunger. To each thing that grows with quickness, of each element that spreads with the same speed, such as the fat or lard, such as the flame, it is the growth of a hungry population.

All this marks what is a human’s hunger to be represented. It is merely the hunger of being known, among a population too overgrown. Such means that one wishes to appear the largest. One’s own ego, massive enough to stand above the rest, is only the representation of vanity for the sake of itself.

Quote – “The Speaking Leader, is the Deceitful Leader” – 10/31/2020

“The fool who desires leadership in the sense for which it speaks, only exists to yearn for deceit. It is only ever a lie that is the most comforting aspect of speech. As truth will shock, lies will convince, making deception the one thing that can soothe insecurity. For security’s sake, we are loyal to leaders for their speech, for their lies, to say the correct thing. For it is in the name of security that we hold our insecure selves, placing trust in deception so that the right words may be heard, at all times.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Why Creative Non-Fiction is an Oxymoron” – 10/14/2020

“A lie is imagination, burning an image into sight only ever convincing. The truth, however, is something that wallops you so hard, you will find it shocking.”

– Modern Romanticism

How far can a writer take creativity, when it comes to a fact? To comprehend creativity, itself, as unlimited in the human imagination, will make the creativity in non-fiction, be limited. However, it won’t be long before something so non-entertaining as the truth, becomes the distraction of a lie.

How can we split the creativity from the non-fiction, so that the former does not overlap the latter?

A lie is always distracting. We divert our attention from the truth, from the facts we should know, when we are entertained. Simple pleasures. Whoredom. Pornography. These are lies, meant to distract us. Distractions should always be considered the world’s abundance of lies, though only from the person who centers them for attention.

If we are creative with the truth, what is non-fiction, becomes fiction. If we are creative with the bitterness of logic, then it becomes the sweetness of each emotion. In today’s world, where distractions are seemingly the enterprise for things deemed as a “necessity”, why do we deny “creative non-fiction” as an oxymoron? If it is not an oxymoron, then what is the imagination? Is it not a realm where lies are constructed, as fiction? What a writer makes up, versus what is the truth, is how we can differ reality from unrealities.

All amount of creativity can breed an infinite amount of lies. To know what a lie is, look to creation, itself. All things constructed, versus all things originated, is the difference between a lie and a truth. We can look to the beginning, to find the truth. We can look to the middle-ground, to discover lies. The creator is truth. The creation is fiction, or a lie.

Philosophy – “The Rehearsal of Lies” – 9/30/2020

“Were the lie to ever be the truth, it could then not be a repetition. Deception repeats. Deception does not direct. Deception confuses. Deception does not speak only once. For truth would speak only once, as it must be the first to exit one’s mind.”

– Modern Romanticism

Rehearsal of truth is an oxymoron. No one rehearses the truth. To adlib one’s own lines, is to speak more the truth than the lies upon the script told one to say. To speak the truth, means to say what is meant to be said, only once. Though, when one rehearses themselves of their lines, they are in preparation for the truth to be heard. In their rehearsal, they are preparing for oncoming truth, here to be countered with a lie. For a lie will always play defense, as truth acts as a battering ram.

All liars rehearse. All liars repeat. It did not happen only once. It is like an act. Upon the stage, or before the camera, what occurred did not actually happen. Though, it will deceive. An act, rehearsed through words that were repeated “behind the stage”, or “behind the scenes”, outside of awareness, will confuse speakers of truth. For truth must be defined as something that can be said only once, not repeated. If there are those who did not hear the truth, then it was because they wished to listen to repetition.

Truth stands out. Truth is the light in that darkness of lies. The politician will lie, only if he rehearses his lines. He will lie, only if he believes he will fumble. To stumble over one’s words, in the manner of how repetition reveals itself, is the same as stumbling over multiple rocks. For to face truth, would be to face a wall.

A speaker of truth does not falter. A speaker of truth does not stumble. If a liar wishes to rehearse themselves on their deceit, then it is because they rely on the camera to fix what will be viewed inevitably as truth. We can see, if we are perceptive enough, the truth from the lie. Even of the liar, we can separate fact from fiction, to understand which is most shown.

As an actor, a liar will rehearse. As an actor, a liar will repeat. As an actor, a liar will perform. We will not know of the actor, what is reality. There will be more questions for the liar, than there will be for those who speak the truth. If one had not heard the truth, had not heard the answers, then one was not listening.

Quote – “Why all Truth is Simple” – 9/9/2020

“Characterize truth as complex, and one is back to the problem, the question for what the answer is. For is the answer not the given truth? To be left in the dark, to be left in ignorance, is the problem. To search for the truth, is to search for simplicity. No truth can be complex like the question, like the confusion, like the disarrangement. The one who found the truth even more complex than the question for it, is the one who discovered but another lie.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Fool who Dislikes the Facts” – 9/4/2020

“It matters little whether one approves or disapproves, or likes or dislikes, or agrees or disagrees with the facts. What does matter is the immediate acceptance of them, regardless of one’s personal feelings towards them.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Idiot Lesser who does not Wish to Work” – 8/15/2020

“The foolish pauper will believe in deceiving words, upon the time they look to leadership to state they are loving. For no human can be God, as no human can be perfect. Imperfection of leadership states that the politician is just as foolish as the pauper.”

– Modern Romanticism

If before a bridge, then why not cross the gap to reach the end? Life is that bridge. The beginning is either one’s innocence or ignorance.

No fool, upon their journey out of misery, can claim their own nation’s leadership to stand for anything more than deception. For it is true, and factual, that if such a leadership is believed to ascend the lesser straight to the greater, foolishness is abound. No one lives, nor comprehends the work that life entails, when they skip it.

One lives, when they work to achieve that greatness. This is truth.

What person, so foolish, believes that leadership can ascend the lesser to being greater, without comprehending nothing of a human? In this scenario, it is the same as Heaven raising the dead, raising those lesser in the ground, to ascension. To believe that a human can do this, makes one believe in the words of deception. For deceit plays soft notes and rubs softly the earlobes of any person.

If one is lesser, one should work, to be middling. If one is middling, one should be ambitious, to be greater. This is truth.

How often does a person believe that God does not exist, though believes that up in a skyscraper, a human can lower a ladder to ascend a pauper? How often is it the case that a human is never ascended, though taken advantage of, for greater power towards those who have achieved it?

Idiots run the world, when those same fools were once paupers.

When paupers rule the world, all they know is to consume, to deprive everything out of life, and to chew the world to dust.

A living human looks below, and sees a pauper. A living human looks above, and eithers sees what they shouldn’t see, being God, or what they regret ever seeing, being the greedy human.

It is not that paupers are the hungry ones, so much as it is the rich man, once pauper, who is the greediest.

Quote – “A Consumer, the Liar” – 7/29/2020

“All intricacies to a lie, were birthed from the easy consumption of one. For truth is never swallowed whole, as the serpent would do. Truth is bitten, piece by piece, harder to swallow, harder to digest. For if truth were a pill, it would be a lie.”

– Modern Romanticism