“My Contempt for the Self-Love Culture” – 3/30/2020

I will ridicule this mediocrity of a mindset until I am frozen and dead in the grave.

It is pathetic. To sugarcoat or create a euphemism for the word “narcissism” and say that it is “self-care”, makes me tremble with rage.

Love is an emotion that can only come from an external source. If that is not the case, and one says this is only an “opinion”, then we should each just make a deserted island to call our home. At that time, we will discover loneliness, writ large.

Darkness is loneliness, as it is sometimes said. To be alone, is not a feeling one can consider to be only partial. It must be total and absolute. To be alone, must either come from total isolation or hanging around the wrong crowd. Isolation is still the feeling of dread.

We don’t have of the terminally ill, who know they will die, their truest fear in the knowledge that they will die. Their truest fear comes from knowing that barely anyone is around to care for them.

Walk inside a hospice, and you will discover some of the loneliest of sorts to still live for but a few moments more.

It goes to show that at the time we will truly leave the Earth alone, we wish to perhaps be holding hands with a loved one.

Has a person of this “self-love” motto ever considered that they could be stuck at loving themselves? That, they’ve been saying to themselves to love themselves, for many years? Is it something we teach to children? That is weakness, incarnate.

If we still deny that love can only come from an external source, then we must not be honest with ourselves. We must not, because we must be hanging around a poisoned crowd, continually being hurt. And, if we are to be honest with ourselves, then we should know that love is the most honest of emotions. And, if we are to be honest with ourselves, then why say that “self-love” is not narcissism?

That last part WOULD be honesty.

If Transgenders or those of any other “identity-spreeing” mentality are those who also belong to this “self-love” culture, then it is clear that they relate to confusion, at its epitome.

Because, nothing can be honest with the self, if one doesn’t know what honesty is. Honesty is, by its only definition, clarity. And, if one is continually being betrayed by external sources whom one deemed to be trustworthy enough to be around, then one doesn’t know themselves. And, if one doesn’t know themselves, then they are confused. And, if they are loving themselves, then they are further confused by not realizing that love is not at all backwards in such a regard. How can love do anything backwards when it is the one emotion that blinds us? Are we then saying that we are indeed living in that loneliness, of darkness?

If love is light, then it WOULD blind us. It WOULD teach us, if we are brave to be vulnerable to what we do not know. Love presents us with a world, beyond merely ourselves. And, that world is something of light, of enlightenment, and not of the darkness of ourselves where no light can spawn, without another to give it.

Does a lamp turn on by itself? Does a candle become lit by itself? No.

However, does a lamp turn off by itself? Does a candle blow out by itself? Yes. Though, only if it is left alone.

Loneliness. Darkness. This is the proof that love cannot be something of an inner self, unless one has turned that darkness into the corruption of narcissism.

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