Poem – “All I Suffered was a Broken Heart” – Romance – 4/1/2020

All I suffered,

While you agonized,

Was the syndrome to a broken heart.

The flutters,

The feelings,

The pain,

Was all there,

But you were not.

Though, it was all I suffered,

While you terrified yourself

Far worse than I.

Beating hearts,

Haunted minds,

Were nothing for me,

And everything for you.

Tension and growing sadness,

The dirges that surge

Through the faces of the moon

Have me swinging,

But I hear you, the most.

Love may have left me,

But what has left you

Besides the world, and its children

Who all hugged your knees

Puling for the breast?

I suffered,

Though, not as much as you.