You Have One New Message

CH401706 Sunrise on Mount Tacoma (oil on canvas) by Bierstadt, Albert (1830-1902); 76.2x111.5 cm; Private Collection; Photo © Christie's Images; American, out of copyright

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/Incoming Voicemail

Hello, my friend.
I am saddened by the fact that you have locked all doors to me.
These are the doors I can’t unshut. These are the nightmares that bind me to the past.
And now I sit here knocking, hoping for the door to open, waiting for a crack to emerge so that a shimmer of hope may fill me up.

I await the second chance but I know very well this is not a second chance, there have been many in succession – I guess even second chances have second chances.

I am not aware of the mood this message will find you.
Don’t shoot the messenger even though the messenger is also the origin of the message.
At least let me shoot my shot instead of shooting me in the foot, hear what I have to say.

I am sorry that we have come to this.
am the omen of destruction,
am the very reason why our friendship keeps becoming compromised, I put the end in friends and to what ends?
What more must you deal with if I keep conning you out of getting close to me?

I keep blaming you so I must have changed the game to blame game.
I cheat when I say you are the unfair one, but am the one who is playing you.
Please, don’t give up;
this should not be game over to what has likelihood to be a happy ending.

Please call me when you get this voicemail.
If you decide not to give my second chance another second chance then do not deny me the opportunity to listen to your voice one last time….