Poem – “Please Forgive my Hands” – Love – 4/12/2020

I will now
Lick the tears away from those sorry cheeks,

Nothing has looked so worn and bleak,
Miserable beauty.

Please allow me
To crown thee,
To wed thee,
If not of the ceremony, then of the forgiveness
That pools beneath our feet.

I have loathed you
For no reason at all.
I admire my guilt
Perhaps more than I loved you.

Your eyes glisten
Beneath the golden sun.
Your face runs with the wind,
While the weather makes the creases in your cheeks,
While the emptiness in your heart
Does not falter upon the introduction of more.

I beg of you
To beg in your forgiveness.
I will not come to drown you
In such waters.

There is emotion rolling over your face.
There is beauty to every fragile inclination
To always love yourself.