Philosophy – “To Love, is Never a Choice” – 5/12/2020

Responsibility beckons to love, is within the same meaning as love. Opposite of love, is a choice. A choice for a murderer, would be to murder. A choice for a slave, would be to cut their wrists. A choice for a thief, would be to steal. The objective status of any human, is to preserve other humans. We are arrogant when we think we can hint at who deserves death, while some others do not.

Choices do not stand beside love, because a choice is counted among the many. The numerous choices that are in this world, amount to everything unconnected from one person to the next. The numerous always relates to division, being opposite from love, when love relates to oneness. Would we, as loving humans, choose what parents we have, when we are born? We cannot do that. Thus, any soon-to-be mother who wants an abortion, only chose to do so.

Choice and love. Love and choice. Responsibility attends to love, though not to choice. We are not loving people, when we are choosing where to place our love. Why should we, as loving humans, ever look upon our loved ones as though we’ve “selected” them, like fruit at a stand? Were such loved ones like slaves on an auction, as we bid for them in some competition of wealth? They were not. Thus, we prove that love is the inevitable and eternal emotion. It cannot be destroyed because of this.

The flesh is chosen of to be destroyed, to be used, though love sees deeper. Love sees beyond flesh, to the soul of a person. It is an instant glance at the movement of a human, then recognizing that there is a soul.

Love does not choose where to go, nor where to land. Like the wind, it is free and not possible to be controlled.

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