Quote – “Lying to Protect Someone Else” – 5/24/2020

“How does one, such as me, find himself stable enough to lie to protect the one he once loved? Now when honesty spills forth, revealing that there had been much force involved to uphold a friendship, there is brokenness. A romance, transferred into friendship, does not make a certain happiness I expected. Who else could feel this way? Everyone can, I believe. No one is divided on this. A vulnerable heart, becoming broken, cannot mend itself through friendship when feelings are still matched with memories that won’t leave. Though, there are the lies. To protect someone close, who was loved in that time, becomes soon a mere mindset to lie for them, when the only person you were ever honest with, was them. I was only ever honest with them, though lied for years to protect them. Again, I ask, who has felt this way? Who has lied to protect someone close? Who has risked their reputation in front of countless, just to maintain what they know best, though what is also long gone? What’s long gone, for me, is a love. A love where I knew myself best, and a love where I could be honest with who I loved. Lying to protect her, while forcing myself to be friends to her, has merely crafted a mindset of confusion to where I am siding myself. As a writer, it’s despicable. As a writer, it’s mortifying. As a writer, it’s just insulting. Lie to protect, or lie to lie. I know not if I still do the former, or now simply lie.”

– Anonymous

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