Philosophy – “What is Love?” – 6/18/2020

Love will remain the mystery to the sciences, out of only one condition: that it cannot pertain itself to utility. We do not utilize love, for nothing of feeling can be used. Why effort yourself to manipulate emotions, when everything meant for practical means will never be something felt, though only used? One manipulates another’s emotions, when they wish to toy with another.

To manipulate, means to change the recognition of something. It is like the bandage for the wound. One recognizes the wound, and therefore, one changes the wound’s appearance with the treatment.

To be practical, means to advance a stage, to have made use of something for that stage or level to advance. Though, it is love that cannot be used. Love cannot be used, because we do not use a beloved, unless we do not love them, nor care for what they feel upon our betrayal to them.

Objectively so, love is without use. Again, we do not use who we love, unless we think of them alike a tool, a robot, a slave, not a human.

By what we should know of love, no beloved is used, unless betrayed of our supposed love to them. We are of the mind, through love, as we are of betrayal, by our form. For this means that love is intellect and perception. It means that no science will ever comprehend love, for science makes use of the form, of all truth manipulated or changed.

We speak of God as unchanging. Therefore, we will speak of love as unchanging. When we speak of both God and love as indefinite in its shape of perhaps no shape, then science is what does change a thing.

Science changes, though it does not change love. It cannot, though it will forget love, finding it to resemble the epitome of uselessness. Thus, it is why the scientist or the Atheist who puts more faith in the sciences, will say the words, “Prayer is useless.” Such words cannot be more obvious, because again, prayer is useless like love is useless. We are not meaning to use, nor present betrayal upon who we love when we pray for them. Again, we do not manipulate who we love, unless we wish to betray them in calling them merely a means to an end, of some sort.

Were our children birthed as a plan, or are they meant to be loved like any child? When a human is loved, they are not manipulated, not betrayed, not toyed with, not met with a scrutiny for their emotions.

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