Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Excerpt from a Dialogue – Torn from Draft – “The Notion of Self-Worth, is the Act of Consumption & Greed” – Material for a Work – 11/3/2019

November 3, 2019

Q: Your reference to humans looking downwards, is a reference, as you’ve said, to humanity’s embrace of selfishness. How is this, when people’s vision of “self-worth” is believed to be an encouragement, as an act of compassion?

A: It is an emplacement, not an encouragement. That is, it is the beginning of something, and that “something” is the selfishness. As one stares down to look at their feet, they will not see who comes crawling at their feet. They will, instead, see themselves, their own form, in contrast to God, who is said to be formless. Humans, seeing themselves, in recent days, to be better providers, more practical providers than God, are neglecting to consider that because they possess a form, they are more susceptible to greed. What inevitably forms from such a stare downwards at someone’s own form, is a world that builds itself upon that greed, upon that continuous “encouragement”, as you’ve named it, of selfishness. And, when a human adopts this, they only adopt it, until they find purified comfort in only ever aiding themselves, consuming each thing they deem to be “compassion”, as you’ve called it, as everyone else starves.


Words of Wisdom – “Love is the Center of the Universe” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“What can the human commonly say about love, other than its purpose in shielding? In burning, it acts as the sun, as the woman, to a man, when he is the universe. He beholds stars, in her creation. He allows her heart to go aflame. For what does the sun do, when warm, when hot, when scalding, rather than offer power to the powerless? The universe is cold, and each sun directly in the center of the galaxy is the source of a woman’s heat. Her body, so to speak, is aflame at the Southern point, as all of Antarctica melts, when lust controls the world. It is here, to comprehend it all, that life is meant to fade, and never to burn out.”

Words of Wisdom – “An Experienced Reality” – 8/18/2019

August 18, 2019

“It is a moronic assumption to believe that reality can only be perceived, with eyes open, with hands extended, with nostrils breathing, with ears attentive, or with tongue outstretched. What of the perceptions gained from without any of these things? Everything felt, is in captivation, and in that captivation, we are frozen in a stillness that makes itself believable without movement. Science has merely given us room to move, outside the coffin, and outside the embrace. Development, for any society, has no use for love, has no use for death, though has use for the continued dissatisfaction within life. Death comforts the sufferer. Love comforts the sufferer. And love would bring someone closer to the stillness of death, than the repeated actions of movement within life. We will find from what has been said, that the realest of realities, are love and death. It is because, as people who are alive, we continue to fail to accept reality for what it is, as a thing of continuous denial, that seems to invade upon our ambitions that extend beyond realism, into the unrealistic.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Reality of God” – 8/17/2019

August 17, 2019

“How does a world embrace so easily the love towards the self, disguise it as well, as love, while denying what it actually is, as hatred? Hatred confines, cages the person inside themselves, while love will flood a planet. How does a world not know God, other than attempting to seek greater truth than him? It is inevitable that a vulnerable human would do this. Truth is flesh, while love is the shield for the flesh. Death is beneath the flesh, as a skeleton. When science discovers, it discovers bones. To dig for truth, turns truth upside down, and a scientist finds no meaning in the limitlessness of love, nor of the universe that relates to love; for he finds more truth in everything limited of the human. That is, he finds more use in something not unlimited, but may be studied as the fleshy form that may be touched; or perhaps even wielded as another shield for the selfish human to guard only themselves, and create victims in others. Is this not familiar?”

Words of Wisdom – “The Question on the Answer” – 8/7/2019

August 7, 2019

“We live in a world where the word ‘misanthrope’ is something to be admired, adored, and still… where do we find such people? They end up as psychopaths, as people who wouldn’t feel pain when they hear their loved ones who cry in pain. We dislike faith. We dislike religion. And for what purpose has this created? I prove now that the question is opposite from the answer, and the ‘power of reason’ falls on the former. We once placed God as ‘high’, and now we place Science as ‘high’. Why is this? I prove now that it is because those who never received answers, never received bread, now rule us; though, they govern us by what once afflicted them. The question of, ‘When?’ has turned upon the whole of the Earth. And faith, no longer unites us. Question divides us. Faith unites us. Those who never received their answers, now rule us. Those who never provide answers, now rule us. And to what extent does this last? I prove now that when polarities reverse themselves, we turn answer down to its lowest point. That is, we bury truth. And as question and Science is ‘high’, God becomes merely a truth to leave in the past, like any dead thing. Faith, too. Wisdom, too.”

Poem – “My Unending Days” – 7/11/2019

July 11, 2019

I falter to see,
The fulfillment of me.
Upon this universe,
Where there are swaying reeds,
Near to the banks of a river.
It is the simplest thing.

Upon this universe,
Where Heaven is too ephemeral,
And a government too happy,
I struggle to feel,
The euphoria unreal,
The pain I sought to seal.

Upon my body,
I am the void,
The many faces that mock,
Are rather, in shock.
They shake my memories,
To the foundations.

My unending days,
Are nearing their beginning,
Once again.
For living eternally,
And in happiness,
Is immediate denial.

In denial, for what life stands for,
That is, the exhaust,
The tiring, the weary,
And though we despise it,
We yearn for it,
Soon as we cannot recognize it.

Words of Wisdom – “Change is the Way of Creating Hatred, through Dissatisfaction” – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

“Change is the opposite of contentment. Contentment is the opposite of hatred and discontent. In such a world as today, where there is a yearning for love and for hatred’s disappearance, no accomplishment of love will ever be made, when there is constant change. Constant change, multiple differences, will create the limited hatred that forms the process of decline among the human. Love makes the human thrive, as such occurred for two thousand years, because love promotes limitlessness. Hatred promotes decline, and an endless promotion of change creates a downfall. From this, Darwin becomes more-so the prophet over Christ, when he ‘predicts’ that the strongest will survive.”

Volume One/Chapter I – “The Devorah of Reims” – “A Limited Love” – 6/25/2019

June 25, 2019

“Her yearnings are infinite…”

Empathy is the emotion of the personal. The snow and its cold are where people are buried. Beneath its flakes, there is the death of where people sleep. We have noticed of the towns and cities that are spread across the earth, that sympathy is now the emotion used for when one deserves to be equal. In death, we are equal. In love, we are equal.

Like a flower that failed to bloom, and remained as a bud, there is a certain woman with the name, Katharina, only about as beautiful as the black orchid, grown in Asia. She prowls these streets in France, in the city of Reims, cradling a child of no name.

In love, we are equal. For God, we are equal. A scientist will dig for truth, because a scientist has no choice but to see their own feet. They refuse to be blinded by God. It is because they believe God holds no truth.

The lack of a reality makes either denial or yearning.

Truth is the flesh, separated from God, or love, so that what is noticed is only the body. As Adam and Eve, who were once nude, before betraying God, their bodies were risen from the soil, and from death, or the soil, came the life that we behold for beauty. Beauty, which is the truth or the flesh, made shocking, when exposed. Katharina is a woman of no love.

“Little to no love…”

Without love, she cares little for what occurs about her. That which surrounds her holds no interest to her wandering stare. She is in love with no purpose for love, besides the cradled infant in her arms. An infant of no name, and certainly no surname.

There are flakes that descend and fall to land upon her nose and cheeks. They lay there against the warm skin, to then melt and blend themselves in with the blackened tears that wash from Katharina’s eyes.

She is surrounded by the stares of the people of Reims.

She is surrounded by their eyes.

Glares that have witnessed her deformed appearance. An appearance that is stricken by grief. A loss to which has touched her heart and has tainted the ruby orb into black coal. Metaphorically, this would mean that there is something she flees from; and as a woman will leap from one thing to the next, she will soon return to the center.

Outside of a woman’s home, there is the world. It is because a woman’s emotions, as important as they are to her, branch throughout the world as temptation. Femininity and temptation make business thrive. Temptation creates the fuel of lust to make beauty an alterable thing. A changeable thing, because love cannot ever be used. The limitations in love become an awareness to any human, when it is simply stripped away.

The home of a woman is the heart, itself. The love; and the streets away from it, are the veins. Are we as one body? As a species, we are as one body, and the roads that led out of Eden, were endless.

God has no wife, because He has no home, besides Heaven. For a man will make his home, a woman’s heart. God would have to make his home, as everyone’s heart.

Temptation is for flesh. Love raises flesh. After love is abandoned, there is flesh exposed to the cold. Warmth no longer makes flesh warm. A shelter, a home, a shield, or an encasement, makes the flesh warm, through love. Modesty is the love. Beauty is the flesh. When love is gone, there is flesh exposed; when flesh is torn through, the human has died.

Katharina’s heart is the cold stone withdrawn from the evermore cold river and held close to her face so that she may examine its appearance. If winds run against it, it would not become colder.

Love is the emotion of modesty.

Love does not show itself, so therefore, God would not show Himself.

To the woman, and her cravings or yearnings, would a man show himself, as God is asked to show Himself? A craving, a saving, and a woman who pleas to the Lord above. In turning away, woman is betrayed by God, or a man, and beauty is revealed.

A woman’s pride, or even the downfall of any love that centered herself, comes by way of following those veins throughout a city.

She walks, Katharina, down an endless road, because she has nowhere to turn, and no time to cease her pacing.

“A vein is as any other…”

Her face holds the appearance of possession.

Possessed by the limitations in love. She has exposed her warm flesh, no longer warm to the shelter of a home, and open before the descending flakes of snow. Like a canvas drawn with a nude for reveal, shock and controversy are there for viewers.

She walks with the infant enclosed in her cradling arms.

Her only love is the world.

The roads are endless.

She follows them like the veins from her heart. When a woman moves her arm, she moves a vein. When a woman moves her leg, she moves a vein. When a woman desires freedom, she doesn’t desire love.

Love freezes, encases, and imprisons a woman in a home. For a man, love traps him to the study and examination of a woman. She may see what she sees, but he cannot see anything. To pierce his eyes, would be simple. To pierce her eyes, would take raw masculinity.

What is Katharina?

She is a woman who wanders. The road she wanders is as any other vein, as the sympathy to which is offered upon a passerby. A road and its paupers are met by the sympathetic Saint.

Katharina offers a degree of sympathy to a pauper who passes her. Though, as he passes on the endless road, the sympathy acts as the road. No intimacy is shared between them. The road is as any other vein. The sympathy for the pauper treats the pauper as any other pauper.

What would hurt through empathy?

Everything would hurt.

And the pain would oftentimes be mistaken for pleasure.

Words of Wisdom – “The Absence of Truth… reveals the Skeleton, showing Death” – 6/25/2019

June 25, 2019

“Truth is the covering upon death. A skeleton is the exposure beneath flesh, and in the search for truth, in the search for identity, there will be a skeleton soon to be shown. There will be death. There will be a skeleton, revealed. Why is this? It is because, in the turning away from love, there is soon the flesh to be seen; and then, in the search for truth, beyond God’s touch of love, there is the belief that suffering will become the new form of equality. The victims of a society will be there for the creation of equality. It is because when God made equality through love, truth was met with modesty. Then, when God was discarded and made ‘obsolete’, truth was searched after, until made distorted and unrecognized. Beauty was seen as business, because business makes use of chaos. Soon, such ‘victims’ of society will be there, and expose their flesh enough to see beneath. They and their alterations, through cash and plastic, through money and oil that are the treasures of wealth from the earth, a skeleton will be revealed.”