Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Idiocy in Desiring Immortality – Pt. 3” – Philosophy on Life – 9/20/2019

September 20, 2019

“Without the fear of death, there is no fear, itself. That is, to fear, means to desire an end. An end to pain, would place fear and pain in a vicious cycle, to which fear makes us desire all amount of positive emotions, to cleanse the pain. Those emotions would resonate upon love. Love cleanses fear, and is in polar opposite to death. Therefore, without a fear of death, there would be no emotions. Once again, this is due to how fear generates the need for every other emotion, because fear remains as the most primitive and ancient emotion, to exist. After fear, and after when age matures a child enough so that they no longer fear the environment; that is, after adaption and strength takes hold of youth, there are the other emotions, connecting with human connection. To desire immortality, makes a human desire not life, but numbness. For that is due to when fear will create pain, fear and pain also reminds a human that they are alive, and not dead.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Idiocy in Desiring Immortality – Pt. 2” – Philosophy on Life – 9/20/2019

September 20, 2019

“Through being immortal, each reality would become a vision through this Godhood. It would be each reality from death. We’d not experience Love, in this, because our immortality would become a new contagion. It’d be a dream, to be a God, though in this perfection, we’d not know Love, because Love is empty without its counterpart, that is Death. We’d even pray to ourselves, through being immortal, and perhaps see how miserable God is, not comprehending whether He has created himself, or if a demon has created Him. And, we’d pray to wonder whether if we’re in Heaven or still upon Earth. Earth, meaning Life, would be renamed Heaven, full of Gods, and an infinite amount of martyrs. Most of all, we’d see nightmares as real as when we were fools to deny God, and we’d see our creations becoming married to us; and that means, that nightmares, not a dream for life, but a dream for death, would be a vision for that immortality. This is to say that over life being raised, we’d raise demons, we’d raise the creatures from Hell; or, in more contemporary terms, we’d raise the people who murder, the people who slash their own wrists, and misery would be our life.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Idiocy in Desiring Immortality” – Philosophy on Life – 9/20/2019

September 20, 2019

“Why are there a number of scientists so bent on extending the human life beyond a mere century? To become immortal would embed the sheerness of the unfulfilled life into the individual. Because, to live forever, would never mean living one’s life to the fullest. The desire to live, stems from the fear of death. Therefore, the desire to live, would turn into the desire to die, should that fear of death be erased. Fear is exactly what drives life to fulfillment and accomplishment. It is a motivator, this fear, and no amount of science can ever comprehend this.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Mirrored Concept” – Philosophy on Religion – 9/18/2019

September 18, 2019

In this concept, in this perception, there is separation, and it is the separation that deals with the reflection, the recognition, and the highlight of satisfaction.

Glass is but a stark template without reflection. Was glass not made from sand, melted from excessive heat? Was Christ not upon the waters from which he could see his own reflection? Are waters not a representation of fertility? A recognition of beauty is what is comprehended from the mirror, the waters, and it is a recognition of God.

Science implores the human to discover. And yet, they believe in the sole aspect of sincerest reality. Science believes not in the experience, because the experience cannot be held, cannot be heard, cannot be tasted, cannot be sniffed, and cannot be seen; it can only be felt, and such is where science lacks the need to encourage a human to explore emotion, because emotions have utterly no use for them. A need for progress stems upon logic, and logic is merely a one-way road, in contrast to emotion, that relates to the heart, traversing an infinite amount of paths, too innumerable to count. They represent confusion, these emotions, and the mind is always utilized to stifle them, to subdue them, because it was the mind that had generated a thought. A thought generates an emotion.

Between reality and ourselves, is the experience, the emotion, the innumerable paths to traverse before we come upon realization. That experience, that emotion, would represent God, and God would be, in this case, the creator of life, the creator of the innumerable amount of paths to choose. We pray to a God, because prayer would not be fulfilling were life never to present confusion.

That is, between that mirror, the glass, and ourselves, there is life, the emotion, and the confusion. Science would encourage ourselves to take God’s throne, to push past the wholeness of the experience to merely focus on the end result. The end result is the reality, the realization, or simply, the real. All of religion would tell us to hold our hands upon life, and not be so eager to drive forward, without being wise.

Too see ourselves, is not to see our reflection, but to see what stands between us, and whatever it is that has created that reflection. And honesty only comes through being able to discern what blankets the eyes in either satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

To question, makes the darting view of our vision into the ability to see into ourselves, making logic that one-way road to ourselves.

And what generates the denial of God? It has to only be the denial of that middling path, the path of life, and the desire to merely see the end result. It has to only be the denial of all experience, all emotions, all belief and all faith. We ignore the life, and begin to cherish the end result.

Though, it won’t be love that is seen at that end result. It will be death, because the vision was quickened far too much to enjoy the work that it takes, not to die, but to live. No one creates a living to die, though people do create a living to live.

Words of Wisdom – “An Artist Mimicking Life” – Philosophy on Art – 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019

“The beholder of the artist’s creation, has seen also God’s creations, so revealed by what the artist is, when he is dead; and we say the same for God, to say that God has never existed. It should be the most obvious thing, when the artist has died, swiped his final stroke, and finally has found fame when his body has become ashes. He no longer exists, and so, his works are praised. In the same sense, when God is no longer in existence, is no longer believed, humans see humans, humans find science to be useful; and, the most that comes from this, is to find that we enslave one another, while believing we are free. From the artist’s chains? From God’s chains? It is only because a life has no use, when dead. Though, why is it that we say we are free, that we are independent, when we are away from a mother, from a father? Is it the same?”

Words of Wisdom – “The Fruit of Knowledge and Ignorance” – Philosophy – 9/14/2019

September 14, 2019

“For what ignorance stands for, it is poverty. It is the loss, the unknown, and the fear; and it relates to the reptilian brain, where the brain stem controls the rate of the heart and the ‘fight or flight’ response. The Biblical tale of Adam & Eve reveals the three levels of the brain, in terms of Womanhood. As a darker truth, Womanhood, or Woman’s womb, is a stark emptiness, before she ‘bites the fruit’ so that she is appeased by the middling level, or the higher level: the mammalian brain, or primate brain, where there are two truths, of materialism. A heart of gold provides love, while a handful of gold provides life. The middle brain is above poverty, and is the place of life. For Woman to bite the apple, and see life, makes her available in immediacy within the sciences, as she has embraced deception, by this manner. Two truths, of both love and life, would turn Woman upon ‘resistance’ or ‘preservation of life’, and such turns Woman above poverty. Because, of the harlot, the ‘woman of nothing’, is a sorry sight for what is translated: to see an impoverished woman without life, in her, to bloom when love is atop her. Woman, or a woman, will gather deception in arms, when stepping away from poverty to be among the sciences; Woman, or a woman, will step into God’s realm, and float past the sciences, so that she is past life, past deception and cruelty, and is raised by the highest truth. It is the truth of love that would make poverty become comforted.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Epic Descent” – Philosophy – 9/8/2019

September 8, 2019

“Where had humans soared when they looked upwards to the sky? They had seen God, they had seen the sun, they had seen warmth; and what else? They saw the limitlessness of space. Now when science turns humans from staring upwards at the Universe, towards the Earth where we may discover ourselves, we are limited in such a degree. We are limited, because to stare at our own flesh, reveals the vulnerabilities of our fleshy existence. When we, as religious folks, stared upwards, we yearned to soar in infinity. And then, as all angels cast down from Heaven, we discover only one thing among the sciences: that the descent is a far shorter process, over the ascension.

We show a clinging upon Death, upon Socialism, the creator of poverty. We look downwards, in our depression, because the impoverished have lost all; and in losing all, their eyes are staring at what has seemingly been buried, seemingly been forgotten, or seemingly neglected.

We have no sight of equality, after we’ve turned our eyes from Heaven, from the sky, and from God. A ‘discovery of ourselves’ only turns us towards a descent, a spiraling decline downwards.

And where is the proof behind such a descent? It shall be illustrated.

Look to when we saw ourselves staring upwards, and we held a faith in God.

Then, when science came around, we held a faith, or a trust, in humans.

And now, when the sciences have betrayed us, when money and greed have become our comfort, we turn to animals.

We see, from this, that Darwin has always been our Prophet, because in today’s time, our ‘epic descent’ has caused us to have trust in our origin. That is, in animals, in the very Nature of Nature, itself.”

Words of Wisdom – “Between Men and Women” – 8/28/2019

August 28, 2019

“Between Man and Woman, there is guilt from two sources. For Man, he is guilty over what he has done; whereas, for Woman, she is guilty over what she has not done. Therefore, any movement that utilizes the guilt from the unproductive, will inevitably make Woman the more purposeful being to exist. As for Man, he will do, and do again, as he has done for millennia, until he begins to wonder on what he should not do. After which, Man falls, and earns his fall through external exploit into his own guilt. When a world does crave purpose, it always draws upon the idle, of women and children. They are now our slaves. Strength is no longer valuable, as much as weakness and fear. And so, what will ever rise from Man’s ashes, after he has fallen?”

Words of Wisdom – “Love is the Center of the Universe” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“What can the human commonly say about love, other than its purpose in shielding? In burning, it acts as the sun, as the woman, to a man, when he is the universe. He beholds stars, in her creation. He allows her heart to go aflame. For what does the sun do, when warm, when hot, when scalding, rather than offer power to the powerless? The universe is cold, and each sun directly in the center of the galaxy is the source of a woman’s heat. Her body, so to speak, is aflame at the Southern point, as all of Antarctica melts, when lust controls the world. It is here, to comprehend it all, that life is meant to fade, and never to burn out.”

Words of Wisdom – “An Experienced Reality” – 8/18/2019

August 18, 2019

“It is a moronic assumption to believe that reality can only be perceived, with eyes open, with hands extended, with nostrils breathing, with ears attentive, or with tongue outstretched. What of the perceptions gained from without any of these things? Everything felt, is in captivation, and in that captivation, we are frozen in a stillness that makes itself believable without movement. Science has merely given us room to move, outside the coffin, and outside the embrace. Development, for any society, has no use for love, has no use for death, though has use for the continued dissatisfaction within life. Death comforts the sufferer. Love comforts the sufferer. And love would bring someone closer to the stillness of death, than the repeated actions of movement within life. We will find from what has been said, that the realest of realities, are love and death. It is because, as people who are alive, we continue to fail to accept reality for what it is, as a thing of continuous denial, that seems to invade upon our ambitions that extend beyond realism, into the unrealistic.”