Philosophy – “The Main Problem with the Newer Generations” – 6/28/2020

Age defines much on the road to stubbornness and being obstinate. People believe change can happen, with ease, though it is not so much with a person of the Millennials, who have only aged up to their late-30’s, in the year of 2020. Generation Z’s people have only reached their mid-20’s. What does this mean, besides that stubbornness has not reached them, yet, being the sort of stubbornness that claims itself with age? Age is the factor towards a person who is unchanging in their ways.

If they are unable to change, then it is only because they have lived in their ways, for at least 5 decades. In a person’s middle-years, it can be noticed of their stubbornness not wanting to depart from what they’ve learned. It is proven, then, that their unchanging attitude has made them withdrawn from new development. When these newer generations spawned, it was only ever in the purpose of seeing newborns experience a new sort of social realm. Though, invented generations, in the name of order, are not comprehend by human psychologies. The human mind becomes stagnant, slowed down, in the time of age that has reached middle-years. That stagnant attitude, along with the ways that have remain embedded, are not released. They will not be released, out of that stubbornness, meaning that the newer generations simply have not experienced this. One they do, all their “experiences” for the current time, will cease. Nostalgia will be a factor for them, and they will yearn for a former time.

For nostalgia is a factor of memories. The more the environment changes, the more we stay the same. “Evolution” of the mind can only ever take place, when our surroundings are stable. That nostalgia will be the guiding factor for a person who, of such an old age, to see more over their shoulder with yearning in their face. They will not want to experience anything newer, than what is of the past. For when the environment changes in a swift manner, it is that those memories for nostalgia’s sake, keep a person clung upon what has not ever changed.