Quote – “The Issue of Pride” – Pt. 3 – 6/27/2020

“To divide people in terms of identification, makes a person without a need to act. For to act, makes a person run towards the future. Egotism is connected to doubt, for the reason that egotism will be made for these identities, while to doubt means to doubt one’s ability to act. To act, never means to divide. To speak, however, means to remind the world of something. Therefore, if doubt connects to a lack of action, while speaking references remembrance, and such people of their ‘unique identities’ have not acted to achieve their stature, then they are merely speaking to remind us of their delusion.

If one acts, and then one speaks, afterwards, one will remind the world what one has done. Though, the speech that compels a person to remind the world of inaction, is to remind the world of something impossible to accomplish. For if identity relates to stature, then it is delusion that relates to those who are stagnant. For they refuse to act to achieve who they are. They merely speak on it.”

– Anonymous

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