Thought – “My Issue with 21st Century Romance Literature” – 7/16/2020

To love is the biggest risk for any human. It involves more risk than what it takes to be respected, or to be feared.

If such is the case, then why do romance novels depict a relationship like perfection? It is not believable, to say the very least. What happened to tragedies? What happened to those old ways of storytelling that wrote of romances so cruel and heartless, that it left the couple wanting to die?

A romance can be cruel, for that is the learning process of it. We take a risk when we trust, so therefore we learn the most, in its pain.

Our heart aches, wanting to burst, not knowing if it is right to die or right to live. Rather, we feel it is right to love. Though, life gets in the way of that, and we end up confused. We end up derailed from being on the train of love.

Romance should be written for what occurs, so much often in it.

It should be written for what love is, as the most alien, though the most wanted emotion to a human. It is alien, because we don’t understand perfection. It is alien, because total perfection is outside a imperfect human’s comprehension. Love is the only emotion, and the only thing in this world, that makes us realize how weak we are, as humans.

It cannot be total perfection. Therefore, it should not be written as such. Love is chaotic, for it cannot be controlled, as an emotion. It is only lived, and experienced as truth, once in a lifetime.