Philosophy – “The Definition of Subtle Political Assassination” – 7/22/2020

“No man deserves to call himself honest, if he cannot look at change, and name it next an upwards improvement.”

– Modern Romanticism

If a politician will not ever be honest enough to take down a president, or another politician, through the use of the gun, there will be left the deception enough to come up with a convincing lie.

The gun, honest. The camera, dishonest. The pen is mightier than the sword, or the fist, or the gun, only because it is never honest. It wields subtlety in its grasp, because it wields the soft words said to “not harm”. Yet, it does, though in the subtle sense.

For this is where Journalism gains its power. How many fathers have said that their daughters are studying such a wretched profession? It is because a woman comprehends change, so much like her menstrual cycle, so much like her beauty in terms of the image being shifted. Body image, to her internal changes, is much comprehended by the woman in what changes of the world. Therefore, she will be naturally clung upon expression, through art and words.

Journalism is the wretched profession of sheer deception. Like what was just mentioned, the pen wields dishonesty by causing the chaos that is within emotions. It is because chaos, or change, or emotions have no real direction. Where a leader of honest will wishes to create improvement, it is the deceiving leader who wishes to cause chaos. To speak of change, not improvement, is to speak of chaos. For that is because chaos relates to randomness of events, only ever no longer discussed because they have dried up of that expression, through repetition. For any piece of art becomes tedium if any one work becomes the sole conveyance from the artist. This is why media outlets deem a topic to be “irrelevant” when the subject is somehow no longer of importance, to a viewer. It has simply been dried of itself, like no blood left in the body to be drained.

It is that objective truth shocks the individual, while objective deception is only ever convincing. It is that the truth will be harder to consume, though create cleansing. Whereas, a lie will be easy to consume, though cause the most intricate complexities within any system.

From a politician’s lips, come the words. Yet, it is proof that must be the action. No one proves through words. Journalism creates a stain upon a world, red as blood, wreaking of the stink of change. Changes are chaotic. Changes are the emotions to a world, so deceptive in that chaos. In a world that does not know love, knows change, knows life, knows chaos and emotions.

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